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The Removalists Critical Essays

Essay by James McNamara

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Critical Context

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The Removalists, written by David Williamson, is a play set in the seventies. The basic plot is two sisters walk into the police station to complain about one sister being physically abused by her husband. The two police officers then help her move out but not before beating her husband quite severely.

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The Removalists raised three fundamental questions: One socio-cultural (Is Australian society violent of its essence?) Political (do the forces of law and order rest on violence?).

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The Removalists (lit essay) Posted on April 20, at PM David Williamson’s play, “The Removalists” deals with a number of intriguing and confronting issues surrounding Australian life – domestic violence; police corruption; the use (and abuse) of power; the relationships between men and women; society and authority. For example, The Removalists, so acclaimed at home because of its pure Australianness, met with great success in Poland when performed there as a protest against the government’s oppressive rule.

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The Removalists Essay - Stereotypes Words Jun 14th, 6 Pages Australian dramas, such as David Williamson’s “The Removalists”, inclination to depend on stereotypes is not a weakness, but instead an opportunity . Englis Removalist Essay effectively explored through engaging texts. The two-act play ‘The Removalists ” written by David Williamsons explores significant issues within .