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Epidemiology and Population Health

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❶The Community Health nurse is responsible for assessing the community for communicable diseases and needs of the community and start the process and report findings to the appropriate person or group.

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This respiratory disease that in most common in the lungs. World Health Organization, Other parts of the body are affected by TB is the brain which causes tuberculosis meningitis, genitourinary TB, gastrointestinal TB, tuberculosis lymphadenitis, cutaneous TB, Uterus ovarian TB and Osteo articular skeletal bone and joint TB articles base, It is curable and preventable.

TB is contagious and is transmitted through the air from a person with the active respiratory disease and then another person inhale this infectious droplet. Active TB symptom from the lung are coughing, and with bloody sputum present sometimes, weakness, chest pain, fever, weight loss and night sweats. Once the germs enter the air it takes only a few of them to infect another person World Health Organization, People with active TB usually have positive TB skin test and blood test.

The chest x-ray is usually positive and positive sputum culture Centered for Disease Control and Prevention, This TB have bacteria that can lay dormant in a person body and not make them sick. The individual with this TB are without symptom and are not infected and therefore not able to transmit this disease to someone else.

But if the bacteria become active and multiply, then a person will develop the TB disease. Also if the immune system is weak and the person is not able to fight off the infection, the individual will develop the active disease, become sick and spread the bacteria to others. About 5 to 10 percent of these people will develop the TB disease at some time of their life.

Active TB treatment consist multiple antibiotic being given simultaneously for at least six month to cure the disease. The regimen is four antibiotic for the first two months and then decreased to two antibiotics for the last two months. Most of the antibiotics are given in pill form. The antibiotics of choice are listed in generic form as follow, ethambutol, Isoniazid, pyrazinamide, rifampin, cycloserine, ethionamide, levofloxacin, moxifloxacin, para- aminosalicylic acid, and streptomycin.

Sometimes steroids medication are used if inflammation is present. But the medicine has to be taken as prescribed. If doses of medication are missed this can cause a delay in curing the disease. The Latent TB treatment consist of the antibiotic isoniazid for six to twelve months to prevent the TB disease from progressing to an active status for most people.

But also taking a mixture of two antibiotics for 3 months is a good way to treat latent TB, but a health care provider has to monitor the person taking the medication in order to prevent the latent TB from becoming active due to a person missing medications Everyday Health, A person lung can become permanently damage if the treatment are not started early. Difficulty in breathing can developed, the infection can travel to other organs in the body and also the infectious disease can developed a resistance to the medications.

A person not taking their medicine as prescribe can cause a resistance to the medications and make the disease tougher to cure Rodriquez, There has been an escalation in the resistance of TB drugs that has been used for years.

This resistance has affected every country that has been surveyed. Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis MDR-TB happens when the top two medication, Isoniazid and Rifampicin are taken and the bacteria does not respond to medication.

It is treatable and curable but is more expensive. When the extensive chemotherapy is used in the treatment of MDR-TB, it takes up to two years to treat the disease and can cause a severe reaction in a person World Health Organization, Tuberculosis can be misdiagnosed because the symptoms may be the same symptoms of other diseases.

It is vital to take a good health history and physical examination. Taking a blood test and Tuberculin skin test can determine if the person has been infected or exposed to active TB. A chest X-ray is needed to see lesions on the lungs that is caused by tuberculosis. A sputum sample is obtained to confirm the present of the TB bacteria Centered for Disease Control and Prevention, Some people has to be admitted into the hospital and placed in a special room that filters out TB bacteria out of the air.

This will prevent health care workers and other people in the hospital from contracting the TB infection. It is likely that a person is not to leave the room until 3 sputum samples are obtained and shows that a person can no longer spread the infection Everyday Health, Also the side effect of the strong drugs use has to be monitor. Some drugs can cause the liver to become inflamed, kidney and nerve damage and changes in vision.

Death can occur if TB is not treated and cured Rodriquez, There were about 8. TB is around the third cause of death in women age 15 to The Millennium Developmental Goal for is to overturn the spread of TB, which as of now the number of people contracting TB decreasing each year but very slowly. This describe the host or the person that is affected by the disease and what made the individual more acceptable to contact TB.

To be thorough, epidemiology is a sector of medicine in which the causes, sources, and effects of disease are studied. Now, what is this to do with population health? Epidemiology allows scientists and researchers with tangible evidence to understand disease spread, and therefore institute proper healthcare plans. As we said, epidemiology is the study of patterns, origins, causes and effects that are in relation to ailments or disease. Epidemiology is a branch of public health, and the study provides statistical proof to find preventative measures for disease.

Some of the factors that are studied as a part of epidemiology are time of occurrence, the location of disease, and the demographic affected. Epidemiologists have at least a master degree in public health, usually with a focus on epidemiology. This degree includes classes and information about behavior, research, immunology, biostatistics and much more. Positions in a lab usually require medical school or completing your dissertation. When working in the field of epidemiology; you can work in many varying sectors of healthcare.

Some specialties include genetic, psychological, and environmental studies. Also, some places of employee include disease control centers, hospitals, universities and more. Epidemiology provides a means for understanding disease.

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Better Essays words | ( pages) | Preview Epidemiology of Schizophrenia - Epidemiology of Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a chronic debilitating disease to the individuals and families it affects.

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Introduction Epidemiology is defined as “the study of the distribution and determinants of health-related stated or events in specific populations and the application of this .

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What is Epidemiology? As we said, epidemiology is the study of patterns, origins, causes and effects that are in relation to ailments or disease. Epidemiology is a branch of public health, and the study provides statistical proof to find preventative measures for disease. May 24,  · Free Essays from Bartleby | Epidemiology Paper Anavictoria Fortaleza March 5, NUR Epidemiology Paper Vulnerable populations are "those with a.

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Epidemiology essay exam Epidemiology that henry lawson, accurate reconstruction of cancer among hiv-infected persons compared with answers book on ag Trapped and objective answer to epidemiology 3rd edition. Scientific research to work credits course is a reliable essay for public health; faq; financial management, including breast cancer. Epidemiology. Custom Epidemiology Essay Writing Service || Epidemiology Essay samples, help Epidemiology is defined as the study of patterns of health and illness including the associated factors .