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PSY 460 Week 3 Architecture and the Environment Paper

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❶Green buildings also managed in the construction process to make sure that any waterways remain unpolluted with construction by-products. As density increases, it is more difficult for individuals to maintain privacy and personal space Altman,

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Therefore, the layout of a hospital contributes greatly the care of a patient. Besides space, another concern existing in a work environment, such as a hospital, is privacy. Privacy is very difficult to be maintained in such an environment and is important for the well being of a patient and staff. It has been acknowledged that short periods of privacy improved the productivity of nurses.

At the same time, allowing privacy for patients contributes to more interactions that are social. In addition, the amount of noise, the kind and quantity of light, facility indoor colors, more windows and nicer views, and availability of gardens are just few of the many features that can improve the well-being of a patient and contribute to better employee productivity Kesan, The user is vital in the process of creating a residential layout because he or she will be spending a lot of time in this property.

Therefore, it is very important that a residential property meets ones needs, is well made, safe, functional, and cost efficient. Recent research concluded that it is important to create a unity between the built environment and a user because the design of a home can affect ones way of living Tappendorf, When designing a residential area, one must be aware that he or she is not only creating a building for space but he or she is also producing a place, which must provide residential satisfaction and will help express identity.

Space supplies the user with dimensions for living, the needed amount for privacy, and room for others. Place is personal individually influenced, and makes one feel at home. Creating a life space requires various implementations and considerations such as where, for whom, and for what purpose the house is built, how to organize the support spaces like the kitchen and bathrooms, and how many and where to place the support systems like lightning, windows, and others.

In addition, when organizing a living space, one should decide between an open or closed plan. A closed plan means more divided rooms allowing for more privacy, whereas an open plan allows for more flexibility within a living space but less privacy. In the end, providing a home that is functional and meaningful at the same time will allow the owner to become attached to it Tappendorf, Whatever the decision one makes in his or her residential area, this chance of doing so will most likely change over time.

Importance of Architectural Development supporting Sustainable Development Various factors contribute to the importance of architectural development being necessary to support sustainable development.

For far too long, this has been not a significant matter because the main focus was to create a higher standard of living, which caused enormous and irreversible damage to the environment. However, with the continuously rising numbers of people on this planet and the increasing shortage of natural supplies and resources, the paradigm shifted to make a change.

Sustainable building is without question one of the most cost-efficient solutions to reduce the rapidly depleting natural resources and adverse impact on the environment. As seen in the past, humanities decisions have impaired the ability to sustain and in some cases done irreversible damage to the environment.

Continuing on this path is impossible because it will destroy the ecosystem for future generations. The ecosystem will be unable to restore itself and make it impossible for future generations to survive on this planet. According to the U. Department of Energy constructing and maintaining manmade environment is responsible for half of all greenhouse gas emissions and more than half of annual energy consumption in North America Moore, This news is shocking and definitely requires a major change in the way future architecture develops.

Fortunately, research agrees and it is progressing to implement more environmentally sound aspects when designing architecture. In conclusion architecture design plays a big role as to how humans respond to their surrounding as we know work, school, hospitals, and churches all has its effects on person whether it is the furniture, lighting, colors, or structure.

The world buildings are being designed with the given understanding to promote and motivate people to want to remain where they are. Designs are always evolving to match what the environment is putting out.

Architecture and Environment Paper. Accessed September 15, We will write a custom essay sample on Architecture and Environment Paper specifically for you. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

Architecture and Environment Paper Essay. Pei's design and his desire was to create a more open, therapeutic environment. His fundamental belief demonstrates skillfully manipulated architecture fosters a humane environment even when extreme constraints exist Ouroussoff, Architecture like Pei's have implications for the functional yet healthy designs for industrial spaces in which many people must share limited space. Providing "the structure for increasing control over local spaces increases productivity and prevents distress associated with crowding" Grierson, , para.

In a profound example of interior design as it affects human health and wellbeing, Ulrich found "natural views are associated with positive emotional states which may play a role in the reduction of stressful thoughts and recovery from surgery" Para. In his study, patients who had windows with natural views fared better than patients who had window views of a brick wall. Compared to the patients with the wall-view, the patients with the natural view had fewer complications, took less pain medication, appeared more positive to nurses, and spent less time after surgery in the hospital.

Other studies similar to Ulrich's suggest a positive overall effect of designing according to the fundamental services that will be provided by the building. In the example of hospital design, attractiveness, natural views, privacy, safety, and comfort provide an environment more conducive for healing. In developed countries, urban environments consume excessive resources that continue to dramatically reduce the limited supply of global resources on which the human species survives.

The ecological footprints of major cities far extend the boundaries of their immediate area. If this model was used for developing nations, as is currently occurring, it is not environmentally sustainable. According to the United Nations Development Program, , in 20 years the earth will sustain 33 cities with populations exceeding eight million only one of which will be in the United States.

Without significantly altering urban design, it is likely the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which humans depend for their wellbeing will exhaust their ability to survive Grierson, The massive population and development needs continue to place tremendous pressure on limited natural resources and the idea of sustainability increases in significance as "forests are shrinking and water is continuously depleting.

The divide between haves and have-nots is increasingly, posing a serious challenge for economic policy makers" Grierson, , p. Still, the daunting task of embracing a sustainable paradigm requires a lucid understanding of the methods and tools to take sustainability theories and make them practice. Conclusion Physical structure has profound effects on human behavior. Designing humane and appropriate structures has become a critical component of not only inducing positive mental states, but also as a means of conserving and preserving our limited natural resources.

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Los Angeles Times, p. A report on psychology and architecture. Grand Lodge of Manitoba.

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Architecture and the Environment Paper Architecture and the Environment Paper PSY/ Tuesday 6, Design Paper When discussion of the design of any building, it is a balancing act with the environment and the material that will be used to build buildings.

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Architecture and the Environment Paper  • Prepare a 1, to 1,word paper in which you explore human response to physical structure.

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Architecture and the Environment Paper Most often, the quality of life and one’s health is attributed to factors such a healthy diet, one’s activity level, lifestyle, and even genetic predisposition. Seldom mentioned is architecture as responsible for one’s well-being. Architecture and the Environment Paper Name: Institution: Introduction Physical structures bring a key outcome on human actions. The reason behind this thought is that humans spend much of their time within enclosed wall structures.

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Architecture and the environment paper Critics have stated that the setting of commercial and residential space has an enveloping outcome on its dwellers, and it is associated with an overriding concern in any architectural set up. Analyze architecture as a means of controlling human behavior. Describe the environmental psychological implications of commercial and residential design, including purpose and considerations. Analyze the importance of architectural development supporting sustainable development.