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❶Bibliography lists 13 sources. The 14th Amendment and Women's Rights:


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Because human actions are often best explained by the framework. Feminist perspectives on Autonomy, Agency and the. To consider some of the different strategies for responding to. Example essay on gender issues. Gender issues essays In these programs the instructor stresses why practicing abstinence is so important. Roughly 93 per every sexually active adolescent females in the U.

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A version of this article appears in print on August 22, , on Page of the National edition with the headline: High Quality writing company - live your life to the fullest! Where to buy a women's studies term paper Standard 3 days double spaced plagiarism-free The writer is particularly concerned with specific activities in which Anthony participated.

For example, the temperance movement, the first women's rights convention, the struggle to include women in the 14th and 15th amendments, the National Woman Suffrage Association, and more.

Also discussed is how Susan B. Anthony's influence still perserveres in today's movements. A 6 page paper examining conditions as they existed at the time of the Seneca Falls convention in and again 70 years later in when women at last won the right to vote. At the time of the Seneca Falls convention, women had no legal rights of any kind, including the right to hold a job or retain any family inheritance once she married. Nineteenth Amendment and Suffrage: A 5 page paper that looks at how the people involved in the debate fashioned their debates in support or against the right to vote for women.

Bibliography lists more than 5 sources. Essay discusses Jane Addams as a woman of great thought and of great action. Mostly from the writer's opinionated perceptive but two sources are also included in a bibliography.

An 8 page research paper on the life and philosophy of Mary Wollstonecraft. Wollstonecraft is highly regarded as the leader of the women's suffrage movement in Britain and is best known as the woman who answered Rousseau with her philosophical treatise entitled: This anarchist's life is discussed in a the context of a book authored by John Chalberg in this 5 page paper. The focus is on influences, such as the subject's childhood, other anarchists as well as American individualism, on her later political activism.

Chalberg's book is the only source used. A 10 page paper on the life of Gloria Steinem. Her life is illustrated including her childhood. Steinem made many political stands and was most know for her policies towards the feminist movement in which she was instrumental in creating. Descriptions of her books and writings are also noted. Steinem made quite an impact on society and how we view women and their rights.

A works cited page follows containing 8 references. Ryan and their contributions to the feminist movement. The writer posits that Paul was radical, but highly successful, Roosevelt was enigmatic, and that Ryan shows bias toward NOW, but that all were very influential in their time and that their legacy continues today. Bibliography lists 15 sources. A 9 page essay on the struggles that women still endure in the professional, corporate world.

It is argued that while women have indeed enjoyed some advancements in business, they still are barred from achieving top-level management positions. Thus, they are looking through a "glass ceiling. The role of downsizing and other relevant minority issues are brought into the discussion as well. In the early years, women were at a distinct disadvantage if they intended to focus on any business that could be seen as untraditional.

Bibliography lists 12 sources. In this 10 page research paper, the writer evaluates the hypocrisy that women are discriminated against in the workplace.

Using relevant studies, it is argued that women are physiologically more capable of effectively handling common administrative tasks and situations for two main reasons: Many examples are presented to illustrate points made -- all are properly documented. Deborah Tannen's "Talking 9 to 5 ": A 5 page paper that provides an overview and analysis of Tannen's book. This paper supports Tannen's contention that gender specific communication styles have significantly impacted the roles that men and women play in business structures.

The paper notes the controversial nature of the work and argues that it is not credible. Many examples are provided. Other works in the field are discussed. Is Telecommuting Unfair To Women? This 6 page paper describes the phenomenon of tele or "cyber - commuting" and its popularity in modern society.

It is argued that tele-commuting has actually intensified the consequences of a male-dominated workplace and that women are afforded the same lesser economic status and lower positions in the corporation they have always had as a result of the advent of computer technology in terms of telecommuting.

Is Telecommuting Unfair To Women 2? In this well-argued 6 page paper, the point is made that tele-commuting does little more for women than keep them at home-- where they were a century ago. This stands in contrast with men who cyber-commute but who are not expected to do anything other than work during the course of the business day. Various other relevant ethical issues are discussed and it is ultimately concluded that women have very little to gain in today's workplace.

The writer concludes in agreement with Epstein. No additional sources used. Discrimination Against Women in Broadcasting: A 10 page literature review on the instant subject, exploring issues of workforce statistics, discrimination against women broadcasters, and discrimination against storylines of women in broadcasting--including appearance and subject matter.

The paper also discusses the "hidden" women in broadcasting--technicians. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Affirmative Action and Women in Public Education: This 8 page paper looks at the subject inclusive of a review of relevant literature and makes recommendations. The position of the paper favors affirmative action in this context in order to improve stereotypes of women as well as to help women to achieve in such professions.

Bibliography lists 8 sources Sa Women In The Military: A 10 page paper that argues that women should not be allowed in the military. The issues raised include psychological fitness, physical-emotional response, and present behavior in the military, and the reputational and financial costs of that behavior.

The writer argues that based on the psychological, physical-emotional, and behavioral evidence, women should not be allowed in the military. A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the arguments of Condorcet, Rousseau, Wollstonecraft and Gouges on the problems of women, and evaluates their perspectives for or against equal rights.

This 7 page paper explores the historical development and varieties of the feminist perspective in sociology by examining the feminist theories or lack thereof of Herbert Spencer, Karl Marx, Talcott Parsons and Dorothy Smith. Specifically discussed is the contribution of the feminist perspective in the understanding of society, and does it deserve a separate and distinct place in the study of sociology.

A 5 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of the changing role of women in the American workforce and demonstrates their changing influence and the call for equality. Women in the Workplace: A 5 page research paper on the statistics of earnings and achievement of women in the workplace.

The writer posits that although advancements have been made, current indices and future predictions require change in business and government policy. Characteristics of Women Seeking Careers in Technology: A 15 page paper discussing the issues and environment affecting women seeking careers in technology-based fields. The writer provides an overview of the literature relating to the subject, as well as making an analysis of the characteristics of women involved in technology and science careers.

Bibliography lists 13 sources. A very thorough 20 page research paper discussing the various prejudices and other social problems faced by Battered women. Focuses on many relevant sub-topics including: A 5 page overview of Battered women, their psyche, and the problems that they face in our contemporary society.

Discusses how the actual "problem" belongs not to the women- but to the men who abuse them and offers insight into various causal factors. Getting Away from Domestic Violence. Murphy-Milano has produced a book here that is a very thorough study of the abusive relationships within the home. She addresses almost every single aspect of the problems as she goes from the fear to escape to legal issues.

It is a very complete work that should be read by anyone who is in such a situation or knows someone who is. This 5 page paper compares and contrasts two journal articles on domestic violence.

One is by a medical team whose purpose was to determine characteristics related to the involved persons and the other was by a police officer who offered a profile of the typical batterer and the three phases in the violence cycle.

Impact of Domestic Violence on Children: This 8 page research paper examines the long-term effects of domestic violence on children. Specifically discussed include signs and symptoms of behavior exhibited by children who have witnessed acts of domestic violence and what can be done to help them. Bibliography lists eight sources. Counseling Of Rape Victims: Professional counseling and support groups are essential for those who have suffered sexual assault.

Rape victims have a great deal of emotional and psychological issues to process, and these often cannot be accomplished without the intervention of trained counselors. The writer discusses the various benefits of rape counseling, as well as addresses underlying issues concerning why some people refuse to seek counseling. While the anti-pornography movement has taken over the debate, the anti-censorship feminists have a valid argument that pornography is beneficial to women in many ways; however, this argument has not been given due respect and attention.

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