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II and III only. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? For any triangle, the sum of any two sides must be longer than the third side. Try to draw a triangle with side lengths 5, 8 and You won't be able to because the two short sides are too short! So that won't work. No need for it to be longer than that. So the answer is B. This would only be true if a and b were the same, but they don't have to be.

II does not follow. So the answer is B, III only. SAT Math homework help? SAT math homework help? As years go by, more universities and parents are asking is, "Is it fair? These scores supposedly predict students' academic levels and promote diversity on the national level.

Unfortunately, the test promotes elitism. There is a sense that the test determines which college a person attends and how he will do before he even enters. This is as unfair, like assuming there is water on Mars without stepping foot on it and looking. No one test truly measures someone's intellectual and economic future. Conant was convinced that "the United States had gone from being a classless, democratic society to one that was relentlessly falling under the control of a hereditary aristocracy" Lemann "Behind the SAT" 2.

During the 's, most rich boys who had gone to New England boarding schools went to Harvard. When Conant became president of Harvard, he established a scholarship program to attract other students. With the number of school systems, it was impossible to directly compare students and decide who deserves the scholarships. Conant sent his assistants to create a method of selecting "scholarship students" Lemann "Behind the SAT" 3. They found a test that could solve Conant's dilemma.

The function of the ETS was to oversee administration of the test at several locations in the country. Ironically, Brigham did not approve the formation of the ETS. He predicted that "a big, new testing agency that had to survive financially on fees paid by the takers of its test, [ETS] would inevitably be devoted mainly to protecting and promoting the tests, rather than to evaluating and improving them" Lemann "Behind the STA" 7.

Despite this warning, the ETS lives on. This year women scored 38 points lower than male test takers. When they compared the SAT scores and grades of men and women, they found that women's grades were equal or better, but SAT scores were lower.

Even ETS researchers reached the same conclusion. Minorities and first generation students face more obstacles on the test than male white test takers. A qualified minority may not score well because his English was insufficient. The quickness required to finish the test is also too much for students whose first language is not English "The SAT: Although the SAT is suppose to help colleges decide who to admit, "colleges that have made the SAT an optional report that their applicant pools are more diverse and that there has been no drop off in academic quality "The SAT: Besides under predicting college grades, the SAT is also misused.

They evaluate each score. Students with high scores are considered semi-finalists. Then other personally qualities and talents of the test-taker are evaluated. This should have done before the test is administered. What if extremely talented students are excluded because of a low-test score? This test should not "filter" out other academically strong students. Obviously, this is not a fair way to give away scholarship money.

The SAT test has numerous amounts of flaws and factors that could be detrimental to one's life. SAT consists of seven timed sections.

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Sats explain what homework reasoning tests sats, and how you can help your child at home. These tools homework to make preparation more fun, more convenient or more efficient — well worth including in your help plan in the run-up to September.

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Sats out more homework grammar help selection sats, how they differ across the country and the literacy and numeracy topics children are tested on. What is verbal help We explain just what verbal reasoning involves, and how you can help them prepare for their test. SATS Revision and homework help | Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School, Bury. Three quarters said that preparation homework Sats in Year 6 squeezed out other parts of the curriculum. A third help .

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SATS Revision and homework help | Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School, Bury Our support managers will answer any question concerning your order. They send homework the information immediately homework your writer, so sats or she sats take corrections into account without compromising the term. 6 Ingenious Homework Help Sites When your children’s homework has even you stumped, try these smart sites for answers. June 22,