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Is Wal-Mart Good for America

Causes Companies to Go Green

❶Thanks for the help!!! I can definitely say that Wal-Mart is a positive for America.

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The impact Walmart has on communities
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So instead of having low-paying jobs, they just wouldn't have anywhere to work at all. We'll never put them out of business though, because we like those low prices. We are opportunists ourselves. It all depends on what sense of the meaning you're talking about. If you're asking is it good for creating jobs or helping people afford to buy things by selling them at lower prices, then yes. If you're talking about competition for other businesses, then you're going to get a bag of mixed emotions on that one.

My opinion on the second matter is no. It is not good because of the fact it is forcing many smaller businesses out and a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are getting discouraged because they cannot keep their business afloat because of the competition Wal-Mart.

In the mid-size town recently titled "city" that I live in, many of the small businesses have closed shop because of Wal-Mart. If you go put your question on your address line, you should get some pretty good answerer's. I also put does Walmart make donations to origination's. As for myself, I truly like Walmart I also learned their eyeglass frames are cheaper and of a better quality.

They could pay 5 or 10 cents, even 1 cent more per item manufactured to the workers and tremendously help local economies in foreign countries. The factories are usualy under heavy guard, and workers are bussed in. If you get sick, you're fired. My wife is from Nicaragua. They have a Walmart factory we have driven by, and she knows a few people who work there. Wow, I can really get off on a rant here. As a small business person, I would say most emphatically no.

Sam Walton started out with a pricing strategy aimed at wiping out the Ben Franklin a dime store down the street because they wouldn't promote him.

The deal was he would undercut the competition until he drove them out of business, then raise the prices in the store once he "owned the town".

They still do this. Other than their advertisements, they are generally HIGHER on most items than other local stores, unless its something people will really notice, like macaroni and cheese or underpants. If you are in school, you probably don't remember what downtowns used to be like before Wal Mart. In a town of people, our town had 3 department stores sold jeans, sewing stuff, kids clothes, inexpensive shoes, etc ; 2 hardware stores, two drugstores, one mens store, two womens clothing stores, a shoe store, two or three grocery stores, a gift shop, a card shop and several restaurants.

They were all family owned and operated, with the exception of the large grocery store, which hired union help. Most of the stuff sold was made in the USA The restaurants sold inexpensive meals that were made fresh and an actual waitress who knew the way you liked your coffee brought it to your table.

About three years BEFORE wal-mart opened its doors in our county, they started "shopping" the stores, and anything you carried in your store that they carried too, they undercut your cost, and advertised it in the papers and got people to drive to their stores in neighboring counties.

This started to really hurt the stores, and we got to realize you cannot sell any brands that Wal Mart might sell, or they will wipe you out.

The year they opened, 18 businesses closed in our town, and 42 more in the county. We lost the union grocery store. Once they left, Wal Mart raised their food prices. All the clothing stores closed. Now the only place you can find decent clothes within 60 miles is at a used clothing store. Over full time jobs were lost, and Wal Mart hired people for less money, no benefits, and most of the people who work there are part time, with very erratic weekly schedules.

Our town has more people on welfare and public assistance, food stamps, etc than ever before. Magnify that by an entire country, and you begin to see some bad effects. But thats not all. To feed the ever growing popularity of "Low Low Prices", Wal Mart buyers started demanding that manufacturers cut their prices every year, or they would go elsewhere. So the manufacturers got to the lowest prices they could, and realized, hey, we can't pay American wages and still sell to WalMart, so they start manufacturing in Mexico, China, India, etc.

So then we lost the manufacturing jobs. All the while, the quality of merchandise goes down, down, down, to the point where jeans don't last 5 years anymore, they have to be replaced every year. Countries like China that don't have pollution standards like we do are ruining the environment to make cheaper dog food and disposable clothes.

We are polluting more and more with every boatload of imported crap. But the consumers got a real taste for being able to buy more for less, and eventually it ended up being the new way of retailing. Maytags aren't made here anymore, they are imported.

Washers used to last 30 years. Not expensive ones either. Now they last about 6, unless you spend about twice as much. I am not against any other corporation. I studied retailing and business in college. I am an American consumer, and I understand that the business cycles change and the consumer ultimately dictates what they want.

But I bet the consumers wouldn't have wanted to have so many people lose their jobs, so many families without healthcare WalMart is Americas largest employer, and very few of their employees have health care. Target, KMart, CostCo, and other mass retailers are not inherently vindictive. Walmart has much to teach American businesses. Despite its size, Walmart is a paragon of corporate efficiency. It has compiled the largest sales data-set of any American retailer and analyzes this data using the second largest supercomputer in the world trailing only the Pentagon.

Aided by this number-crunching, Walmart excels at knowing what its consumers want. In short, Walmart is a driving force in the American economy leading to smarter, more streamlined production, and as always lower prices for consumers. The Coast Guard, another organization praised for its post-Katrina efforts, was great for rescuing people from flooded houses, but it was incapable of providing them with sufficient supplies afterwards. Without the aid of Walmart, the aftermath of the hurricane would have been even more catastrophic.

Regardless of its reputation or its value to society, Walmart is here to stay. Whether or not you choose to shop at Walmart, everyone should appreciate it as an outstanding American institution. His email is ajhoogla artsci. Your writing style is awesome, keep it up!

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Walmart is bad for America, as some say. The Globalization essay that was handed out in class had many good points. It states that Walmart puts .

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Good or Bad? Is Wal-Mart good for America? Overall, my conclusion is Wal-Mart does more harm than good. The larger super stores often have a devastating effect on the economy in the small towns they inhabit.

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Is Walmart Good for America? There are daily household needs that must be catered to and provided for on a regular basis. From the food that we eat on the table up to the kitchen wares and clothes, shopping malls and grocery centers take . Is Walmart Good for America? Walmart has more than 8, stores with more than 2 million employees worldwide which bring about a sale of more than $ billion products annually. Much of its strength comes from the consumer purchasing power and its ability to provide products at lower costs.

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As the largest retailer in history, it’s no surprise that Walmart is the target of both vicious attacks and effusive praise. According to its own website, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. operates more than 8, stores, employs more than million people, and sells more than $ billion worth of goods in every year. Is Walmart good for America? As the largest retailer in history, it’s no surprise that Walmart is the target of both vicious attacks and effusive praise. According to its own website, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. operates more than 8, stores, employs more than million people, and sells more than $ billion worth of goods in every year.