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❶It is always difficult, and usually of questionable practicality, to attempt to judge contemporary standards of morality with those that existed thousands of years ago.

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According to Arthurian legends, at what age did Arthur become King of Britain?

Having descended to Hades Odysseus made a blood offering in order to attract the souls of the dead, not letting anyone approach the blood of the animals he had sacrificed before he had talked with Tiresias. Any soul having access to the blood could hold a rational speech with Odysseus, but those who were denied the blood would leave him alone and disappear. These are those whom Odysseus met when he descended to Hades: On seeing Achilles' soul said Odysseus: Achilles, the most fortunate man that ever was or will be Death should have lost its sting.

I should choose to serve as the serf of another, rather than to be lord over the dead. And after that salutation Odysseus told him what had happened in Troy after Achilles' death. Agamemnon described to Odysseus how he had been murdered by Aegisthus and his own wife during a banquet. His wife's treason inspired him to lecture Odysseus about marriage: And the soul of the man who had always taken women through violence dared to add: Ajax still embittered by the defeat Odysseus inflicted on him on account of the arms of Achilles, refused to talk, and that is why Odysseus said to him: But Ajax left without a word.

Odysseus was stirred to compassion when he saw his mother's soul, for she was still alive when he left Ithaca. And yet Odysseus did not allow the soul of his own mother to approach the sacrificial blood, before he had talked to Tiresias.

But later when she was allowed to approach, she told him news about his father Laertes, who lived the life of a recluse and yearned for his return home. Likewise she told him that the cause of her own death had been her heartache for him. Odysseus tried to embrace her, but the ghost slipped through his arms and as he cried to his mother in despair she explained: Son of Nestor and leader of the Pylians against Troy. He was killed in the war by Hector or by Memnon.

Mother of Amphion and Zethus. Daughter of Minos, who helped Theseus to find his way out of the labyrinth. She was deserted by the man she saved but Dionysus loved her, though some say that in such a way that he had Artemis kill her, which means that Ariadne died of a sickness. She is the mother of Nestor. Elpenor was one of Odysseus' companions. He fell from the roof of Circe's house and broke his neck. As he had been left behind unburied, he now asked Odysseus to bury him on his return to the island of Aeaea.

Jocasta, also called Epicasta, is mother and wife of Oedipus. She hanged herself obsessed by the idea of having married her own son. Odysseus saw this former king of Crete sitting with a gold sceptre in his hand, delivering judgement to the dead.

Odysseus saw Orion driving together over the field of asphodel wild beasts which he had slain, holding in his hands a club of bronze, that could not be broken. Wife of Theseus who fell in love with her stepson. She was killed accidentally by her husband. Cephalus was son of Deion, son of Aeolus, son of Hellen, son of Deucalion, the man who survived the Flood. Cephalus, after whom was named the island of Cephallenia, which is a part of Odysseus' kingdom, is related to Odysseus, for he is father of Arcisius, father of Laertes, who is Odysseus' father.

Procris 2 is Odysseus' grand grandmother. Odysseus saw him being punished by rolling a stone with his hands and head in an effort to heave it over the top of a hill, but as he pushes it to the top it rebounds backward.

Odysseus also saw impious Tantalus, who is punished by not being able to eat or drink as the water in the lake dries out and the fruits in the trees are lifted by the wind each time he tries to reach either. The seer warned Odysseus of Poseidon's wrath and other difficulties he would meet during his journey. He also told him about the greedy suitors, who were eating up his stores in Ithaca and offering wedding gifts to his wife.

And he also told him what would happen after the death of the suitors and how death would come to him. Odysseus saw this son of Gaia being punished in the Underworld for having attacked Leto, mother of Apollo and Artemis.

There a pair of vultures eat his liver and he is powerless to drive them off. Mother of Neleus and King Pelias. After having touched again at Circe's island of Aeaea Odysseus sailed past the Sirens as Circe had predicted. As he wished to hear their lovely song, he stopped the ears of his comrades with wax, and ordered that he should himself be bound to the mast. And being persuaded by the Sirens to linger, he begged to be released, but they bound him tighter, until they had sailed past. Some say that this was the end of the Sirens, for it had been predicted that they would die when a ship passed them unharmed.

In sailing past the cliff of Scylla, she snatched some of his comrades, and gobbled them up. When the ship broke up, Odysseus clung to the mast and drifted to Charybdis. But when Charybdis sucked down the mast, he was saved by clinging to a fig-tree that grew over the whirlpool. There he waited until he saw the mast drifting again, and he cast himself on it, and was carried away. The story is in the book "the Odyssey".

He runs into all kinds of monsters and other weirdness-es on the way back. Most importantly, he got the God of the sea angry with him which is a bad situation when you are lost at sea.

Odysseus was very smart and very capable. He was kind of sneaky too, or at least could be when it mattered. He was a pretty tough guy too. When he gets home, finally, a group of young men suitors to his wife Penelope - Odysseus had been presumed dead had taken over his "house" mansion and were behaving horribly even trying to kill Telemachus Odysseus' son.

Anyhow Athena the Goddess helps him plan their deaths. Finally, the fight happens and Odysseus kills all of them himself. Then he thinks about it and wonders if this was a good thing to do. Athena appears and says to him "May all that behave as they behaved die as they died! God Herself has spoken. In the Odyssey, Athena refers to Odysseus as thoughtful, clever, extremely civilized, capable, adept at getting his own way, a perfect politician, etc.

People today might not think the act of setting up and then killing the suitors as very civilized but the Odyssey does. Those were harsher times than now. Athena makes it clear, a number of places in the book, that there is no mortal She is more fond of than Odysseus. In the Iliad, a trojan warrior who had been trying to kill Odysseus laments, "But what can I do, the Goddess Athena never leaves his side. When you are at war or other serious conflict, it's especially good to have the Goddess of Strategic Warfare on your side.

That is very well performed. Your paragraphs lead effectively from one to the following, and comply with the theme, amplifying your thesis. I disagree with the previous comment, that you just must widen the subject by being much less precise and broadening it to comprise a basic lifestyles-message.

Your essay is on the Odyssey. Have been you to put in writing an essay on lifestyles's lessons, and use the Odyssey to illustrate your features, then it might be good to take the much less detailed stance, however you are defending the position that Odysseus was once modified by his trip, and to try this, your references should be, as you've got made them, very direct. If your name has nothing to do with this, why put it in the body of your question?

I'm sure your teacher doesn't care that WE know the information. I'm sure you have time to read through YOUR information, and the book You never heard of Odysseus? For example, you will receive a discount for your first order with our writing company.

But, we also appreciate your loyalty, so in case you come back and place an order with us again, you will also get a discount. Odysseus alone remains of the contingent that he led at Troy; Odysseus and his men encounter the Sirens, in a detail from an ancient Roman mosaic at Thugga now Dougga, Tunisia. The sweet singing of the Sirens lured men to In their effort to understand their environment and the forces of nature, the Ancient Greeks invented stories to account for the things that went on in their lives.

Penelopes weaving in the Odyssey. I need help writing a What were the things Odysseus learned Homework on The Odyssey.

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