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❶Clients can also offer bonuses if you pick up their work and give you tips if they like your completed articles. A history of publication is not required.


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Now, as mentioned above, they are taking out fees. The desire for certain keywords should not trump quality writing with proper grammar. The amount they took out I can understand because servers and other things needed to keep a website running cost money.

Oh, and an update from my earlier comment about my account being frozen: I did some articles starting on Sunday to yesterday and planning to do the ones that I snatched just last night. I did miss the deadline for some jobs but there are always other clients on the site that would give you the chance if you turned it in on time. It had to be devastating especially since they pay every Friday. I just want to know what percentage exactly do they take out if you dont meet deadlines?

Hello Jay, Until my account got frozen for some unknown reason sometime between Friday afternoon when I received my payout and this Saturday morning, I wrote for HireWriters for several months.

Even so, high-paying jobs are gone from the job board before you can blink as there are so very few of them that ever pop up on the job boards.

Sorry that it took several months for someone to respond to your query, but I hope my reply has helped. It may not be a whole lot of money, but money is money!!! I stopped writing for Hire Writers after working for them a little over a week. At first I really liked it even though the pay was low because there was a lot of work available. But I still wanted to continue writing for them since the work was easy and I could finish the content quickly.

I made payout that week and was paid on Friday around noon. Over the weekend I got requests for two projects. I completed the first one and the second one, that I got Sunday night, I accepted and was planning to work on it Monday morning. When I tried to log in to work on the article, My account was frozen. Do you perhaps share a computer? I requested to have what was owed to me sent and my account deleted and they said that they would do that.

I will find out today if they actually do. A complaint I have is a client wants a revision to double the word count asked for, and I appear to not only have no recourse, but an actual financial penalty for blowing it off. That said, there are always jobs available. I take the Entertainment articles because the requested articles are short, they have very specific guidelines and there is a lot of celebrity information available.

I did have a question for you…. Do you know what the pay rate is for the other levels? Just as an update: I registered at the site a few minutes ago, and there is, in fact, a grammar test that is required as part of the application process.

I tried signing up to the site but was not successful. Has anyone here signed up recently? I did and it gave some details- I guess im just not sure of how they want me to put it together. Do i need to do research and then use that to figure out what to say? I am brand new to this writing from home thing. I signed up on this website today and i was reviewing the jobs. I have not accepted any assignments yet. How do I know what the clients want?

I was looking at one job that wanted flooring content- but it didnt give me much information about what specifically they wanted. Thank you so very much! To read more about the Writers in the Community program, what it has achieved in past years and - most importantly - how to donate, read on. Writers in the Community pairs small groups of young people with a professional writer or literary performance artist who can teach them and, more important, motivate them, to use language to express themselves in productive ways.

Words and Music is the QWF's literary cabaret. It usually takes place the 3 rd Sunday of every month at Casa del Popolo, boul.

Doors open at 8: The Writers Out Loud series showcases talented and personable English-language writers from across the province of Quebec. For more information on becoming a member of the QWF, follow the Membership link. The five posts will be delivered on deadline every 3 to 4 weeks between January and April and published on the CBC Montreal website.

A history of publication is not required. What better way to grab the attention of media outlets than with a press release? Our masterful press release writers will effortlessly generate buzz around a product or development from your company. If you want to see an increase in your product sales, hiring a professional product description writer is the way to go. An email newsletter is a fantastic resource to develop a rapport with your customers and inform them of updates or new products.

Your customers will receive the best email newsletters with our fast and inexpensive service. A well-written white paper has the potential to influence the opinions or decisions of customers and important thought-leaders in your industry. By clarifying complicated issues or uses of certain products, white papers are a useful resource for businesses big and small. Our platform is a subscription-based service that gives you exclusive access to our rigorously vetted writer community.

We offer two plans you can choose from: No matter which subscription you choose, your satisfaction is our top priority.

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