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With numerous enemy targets still remaining, the th refueled and re-attacked across enemy lines, once again subjecting themselves to hostile fire. The th destroyed a brigade sized element thus hindering the reinforcement of the enemy's front line units.

The th's heroic actions reflect the highest standards of our military tradition and directly influenced the successful outcome of Operation Desert Storm. For valorous actions while conducting combat operations in the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations during the period 17 January to 3 March The Squadron continued its rapid advance, culminating with the capture of the Safwan Airfield, Iraq. During this drive, the squadron destroyed 65 tanks, 66 Armored Personnel Carriers, 66 trucks, 91 bunkers, and captured 3, enemy soldiers.

They served with marked distinction against a numerically superior force during the hour race across Iraq and Kuwait. It left behind a trail of smoldering tanks and personnel carriers, broken-willed enemy soldiers, and closed the Iraqi Basrah-Kuwait City Highway escape route. The violent execution of every mission without combat loss or serious injury remains a tribute to the heritage of this great division, and to fallen comrades-in-arms.

During the cited period, this distinguished unit conducted numerous direct action and surveillance and reconnaissance missions hundreds of kilometers behind enemy lines.

Most significantly, during the ground campaign, they fought with every Arab coalition unit of Battalion-size or larger, often leading these forces into battle. Their extraordinary heroism furthers the highest traditions of the United States Army.

The Brigade conducted combat operations to ascertain enemy dispositions along the Division's zone of advance. The Brigade's aircraft conducted continuous flight operations as the Division's movement to contact accelerated into Iraq. Time and again the attack helicopters were employed against Iraqi armored elements forward of the Division's ground forces. The Brigade conducted thirty-nine straight hours of continuous combat operations, rotating companies into and out of the battle.

Because of their integration into the Division's close fight, the destruction of the Medina and Adnan Divisions was assured.

Attack helicopters maintained a steady destructive presence in front of the Division, engaging targets of opportunity and rapidly shifting their focus and combat power as the scenario required.

The Brigade's final battle commenced when the Division raced to clear its zone of advance to the Kuwaiti border prior to the impending cease-fire. The Brigade completed its combat operations without suffering the loss of any aircraft, vehicles or personnel. Through their expertise, tenacity, and courage, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Aviation Brigade, 1st Armored Division actions reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Army.

Throughout the entire operation, the 2d Brigade, 1st Armored Division, demonstrated tenacity, espirit de corps, and courageous professionalism. The actions of the 2d Brigade, 1st Armored Division were in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Army.

Completing the destruction of the RGFC Brigade, the 3d Brigade rejoined the Division transitioned to pursuit operations and continued its attack eastward.

Executing an aggressive and continuous movement, the 3d Brigade fought numerous engagements. The Brigade made contact with a tank battalion defending the western flank of a RGFC's major logistics base. Attacking with all three Battalions on line, the enemy vaporized in front of the Brigade, ten armored vehicles destroyed in the first minute of the battle. The Brigade's relentless attack continued throughout the day and into the night as it raced eastward at a rate of 15 kilometers per hour.

In 24 hours of nearly continuous combat, the Brigade destroyed or captured vehicles, including tanks, 81 armored personnel carriers, 34 artillery pieces, 15 AAA guns and captured hundreds of tons of supplies and EPW's.

The Brigade completed this exemplary action without the loss of a single soldier or vehicle and only three WIA's. Through their demonstrated courage, tenacity, esprit de corps and professionalism, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3d Brigade, 1st Armored Division actions reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Army.

For gallantry in action during covert armed reconnaissance deep into Iraq from 17 February to 23 February ; and for its successful deep attack against Republican Guard forces in Al Basrah, Iraq on 27 February The armed reconnaissance began seven days before the start of the ground war on 17 February, miles into Iraq. During this period the Battalion forced the surrender of over Iraqi soldiers, a first for Army Aviation.

On G day, 24 February, the unit conducted deliberate attacks and reconnaissance missions in the division sector as far north as the Euphrates River valley clearing the way for the largest air assault ever conducted. The 2d Battalion, th Aviation Regiment moved miles into Iraq to establish forward operating base Cobra with the st Airborne Division.

The unit conducted a deep attack on 27 February to complete the destruction of escaping Republican Guard forces that were fleeing from Al Basrah, Iraq north towards Baghdad along the Al Hammer Bridge causeway. The Battalion closed with the enemy then systematically and methodically annihilated the retreating force amidst heavy anti-aircraft fire and deteriorating weather conditions.

The 2d Battalion, th Aviation Regiment's heroic actions reflect the highest standards of our military tradition and directly influenced the successful outcome of Operation Desert Storm. For extraordinary heroism in action and outstanding accomplishments while in combat with the enemy as part of Operation Desert Storm from 17 January to 1 March Throughout the 44 days of both the air and ground campaigns, 11th ADA Brigade units were involved in almost daily combat actions.

The Brigade participated in over 25 battles over the skies of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. As the only Air Defense Artillery Brigade in theater, the 11th ADA Brigade was called upon to perform a number of complex missions of enormous military and political importance under extremely challenging and hazardous conditions.

In every endeavor and combat action, the soldiers of the Brigade performed magnificently, displaying unparalleled gallantry, determination, and espirit de corps while greatly exceeding every expectation of them in combat. The extraordinary heroism and overwhelming skill of the Brigade's Patriot units in engaging and defeating repeated SCUD missile attacks captured the attention and admiration of the entire world. They played a pivotal role in the overall success of allied efforts during operation Desert Storm.

For extraordinary heroism in action during Operation Desert Storm from 24 February to 26 March The valorous combat engineers of the Dishard Battalion marked and proofed assault lanes under direct and indirect enemy fire to secure a foothold in enemy territory and pass 1st Infantry Division Mechanized and 1st Armored Division United Kingdom forward.

The Battalion was also a key participant in the subsequent destruction of one and the rout of two Iraqi Republican Guard Divisions. The 1st Engineer Battalion further distinguished itself by demolishing enemy fighting vehicles, weapons, and ammunition left on the battlefield, and by destroying many hazardous cluster bomb concentrations. The Dishard Battalion's courageous determination and tremendous esprit de corps are truly in keeping with the traditions of this proud Battalion.

Task Force 2d Battalion, 34th Armor attacked the enemy with such speed and skillful precision that enemy positions were successfully breached and penetrated allowing VII Corps to conduct a successful exploitation. Continuing it's determined attack as part of this exploitation, Task Force 2d Battalion, 34th Armor attacked and utterly destroyed the 9th Armored Brigade of the Tawakalna Division of the Republican Guard. Through their valiant fighting spirit and lethal application of firepower, the soldiers of Task Force 2d Battalion, 34th Armor had significant impact on the success of operation Desert Storm.

For extraordinary heroism from 24 February to 28 February while conducting a deliberate attack and breaching operation against Iraqi Forces during Operation Desert Storm. While under hostile fire the Task Force cleared four lanes simultaneously through an enemy fortified trench system while inflicting heavy casualties.

The Task Force continued the attack clearing over 22 kilometers of entrenched enemy positions while maintaining fire superiority and resulted in the capture and destruction of numerous enemy vehicles, equipment, personnel and command bunkers. The overwhelming momentum of the attack and soldiers' fighting spirit drove the enemy from their positions resulting in the ultimate collapse and destruction of the Iraqi 48th Infantry Division.

The extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty displayed by the soldiers of Task Force 2d Battalion, 16th Infantry were in keeping with the finest traditions of the United States Army. For extraordinary heroism in military operations against an armed enemy: Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2d Brigade, 1st Cavalry and the following participating units: As part of numerous missions conducted prior to G-Day, these successful actions significantly contributed to deceiving the enemy concerning the direction and location of United States Army Forces Central Command's main attack, while covering the westward movement of friendly forces.

The heroism and valor displayed by Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division reflects great credit upon themselves and the United States Army. For extraordinary heroism during ground combat operations in Operation Desert Storm from 24 February through 4 March The Task Force then attacked kilometers across southern Iraq into northern Kuwait, severing Iraqi lines of communication, and then drove north once again into Iraq to assist in the seizure of the City of Safwan, Iraq, and the securing of the Safwan Airfield for the Coalition Forces-Iraqi Cease-Fire negotiations.

During the operation, over fifty enemy combat vehicles were destroyed and over prisoners were captured. Throughout the Ground War, the soldiers performed with marked distinction under difficult and hazardous conditions. Their gallantry, determination, and Esprit de Corps guaranteed victory and maintained the finest traditions of the United States Army.

During one engagement with the Tawakalna Division the Brigade destroyed 27 Soviet T's which had established a hasty defense to cover the Iraqi forces withdrawing from the Kuwaiti Theater of Operation. This is another circumstance, however, that is likely to limit the use of this text in management courses, which is truly a disservice to American industry and consumers.

It is ironic that in living up to the principles of clarity and directness that it espouses, this tome will probably be read most by simple admirers of Powell and self-help fanatics, rather than put to extensive practical use in the real world.

Where the book might be lacking in a sense of academic rigor and obfuscation, it is hugely successful in its primary attempt to bring a sense of accountability and nobility back to leadership in this country. The United States has been somewhat short on inspirational and honest leaders in the past decade, and though this book is now seven years old it remains a testament to the type of mentality that apparently still exists even when it has faded…… [Read More].

Role Islam Played in the. According to Hiro , "During the Iran-Iraq ar it openly backed Baghdad, arguing that its defeat would lead to the spread of Islamic fundamentalism in the region which would hurt estern interests. It was the French corporations that were building two nuclear reactors near Baghdad which were bombed by Israel in June " Approximately 1, French companies were active in Iraq, and , French specialists were based there by Military cooperation between the two states had developed to the extent that the French government decided to lease to Baghdad five Super-Etendard warplanes originally meant for use by the French air force.

This raised the more immediate lucrative prospect of selling scores of expensive Exocet missiles to Iraq to be used by Super-Etendards to hit Iranian oil tankers in the Gulf. These missiles proved devastatingly effective. Gulf War Using Cosmopolitan Pov. Kant stated that "the greatest problem for the human, to the solution of which nature drives man, is the achievement of a universal civic society which administers law among men" Idea, Kant's premise on this statement is manifested with the existence of the United Nations whose roots came from the League of Nations that was established after World War 1.

Both institutions are intended to prevent the escalation of conflicts to full blown wars. Unfortunately, however the United Nation failed to mitigate regional armed conflicts such as the Gulf War from taking place. Kant's notion of a universal civic society is quite difficult to achieve in the sense that sovereign states and other stakeholders in the international arena are actively pursuing their respective agenda and there is no entity, a cosmopolitan government that has the ability to reconcile conflicts among stakeholders and have the clout to enforce collective decisions…… [Read More].

Leadership How Battles Are Won. He explained that it was not popularity and looking good to others that should constitute success. It was what one struggled over and kept him thinking all night. He specifically spoke about President Truman's difficult decision to use nuclear weapons and his own military decision to risk lives Roberts.

According to him, the first rule about leadership is to take charge when in command Saint The second rule is to always do what is right. He said that the challenge of leadership is to inspire others or followers to perform what they normally would not do. He described great leaders are "ordinary people in extraordinary times.

He also said that leaders must take the time to train future leaders coming up through the ranks Saint. Schwarzkopf's adept leadership in…… [Read More]. Combat Supply Support Communications and. In the report of William Cohen to the U. Congress reveals that the strategic vision sets out what the United States has on its agenda to accomplish in relation to technological and logistical strategies. Included in these strategies are modernization of intelligence processes as well as security, information operations, information assurance, and critical infrastructure protection.

Much oil is also used for heating, especially during winter. Therefore, new commitments toward researching, developing, and making available, on a large scale, alternative sources of heating must be made, and this time kept, as well.

Conclusion To try seriously, however, to identify and describe one core "solution" to oil dependency; that is both untested and would nevertheless work, in this author's opinion, is and especially given even the current extent of research and understanding into the gnarly depth of the problem and its myriad continuing causes not only a fruitless exercise, but extremely naive. Instead, the answer lies in not one solution but combinations of many: All of this, in combination, albeit gradually, could still, if the will were…… [Read More].

Ethical Changes in the Classroom. The Vietnam War was a turning point in the Army's growing realization that senior military leaders, and not just political leaders, had a responsibility to be able to speak to soldiers, to the American people, and to the press about ethical issues.

The Professionalism Study of , examined institutional systems and requirements for success in the Army, attitudes and values of senior officers, and tasks for the s. One of the striking conclusions of the first study was that the Army contained "untoward and unhealthy pressures to strive for success" on the part of officers. Systems that regulated the selection, education, promotion, and reward of Army officers were in need of major correction. It was clear that the Army needed to evaluate its concepts of values and ethics.

During the decades of the s and s senior commanders in all the services began to exert their influence on the direction…… [Read More]. Bush at War This Book. The narrative, reporting-driven style of this book also draws criticism for rarely making conclusions or passing judgment on the characters and actions that he recounts in such detail.

Some of Woodward's critics accuse him of abandoning critical inquiry to maintain his access to high-profile political actors. Others praise his detached and evenhanded style for allowing readers to absorb the facts and come to their own conclusions. From a factual standpoint, Woodward's balanced account of the events seems to agree with other sources, such as Ari Fleischer's Taking Heat. No reporter has more talent for getting Washington's inside story and telling it cogently.

In a Washington Post review of the book, Fouad Ajami said in , "Why Woodward's sources divulge to him the deep inner workings of government shall remain a mystery of the craft.

He lives by the leak, and the leaks are here in ample supply - memos and…… [Read More]. International Affairs Political Science -. However in at the time Pearl Harbor was attacked oosevelt sold the theoretical stance of internationalism to the citizens of America as well as to the epublican Party. Isolationism stated that our neighbors were far away across vast oceans, so therefore, why bother with problems that far away from our homes.

Stated by Kupchan is: Tanks With the Development of. Both sides continued to develop experimental larger size tanks but for the most part the behemoths never entered into service. Had any of these countries been willing to commit to the development of armored power, using dedicated designers and planning of strategies that included tanks it is very likely the wars may have gone to the loser.

This is not to say military leaders have not used the lessons of the past and applied them to current warfare. One only has to look at the seamless integration of armored vehicles, both light and heavy with the addition of close air support and an essentially dismounted cavalry in HMVEE as scouts in Desert Storm to see how well technological applications can be used to commit and achieve military goals.

The current conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan have again presented us with a war on terrain and in a manner with which…… [Read More]. Colin Powell- Should He Run. Washington Post 1 Oct, wrote: In a crucial speech to the United Nations Security Council six weeks before the invasion was launched, he had single-handedly convinced many skeptical Americans that the threat posed by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was real. He won numerous awards and honors.

But the question remains: Seeing the havoc wrecked by the military in last few decades around the world, my answer would be in favor of the latter option. We need a President who understands the significance of what's happening in the world around…… [Read More]. Joint Interoperability Review of the. Seeking to Define and Understand Joint Interoperability There has historically been a challenge in attempting to properly understand in complexity in defining joint interoperability.

This is related in the work of Faughn entitled: It is stated by Faughn that: Despite tremendous planning and expenditure of funds, true interoperability, especially in the theaters with the greatest potential for conflict, continues to elude the Department of Defense DOD.

In most avenues of pefomance, it is clea that the U. The demand fo the U. To invade Iaq came fom the sensitive eactions and elations between Bush and the then Iaq pesident Hussein. Many nations in the wold have engaged in wa and not because of the ideological diffeences.

Rathe, the invasions and conflicts that have been expeienced in many nations ae elated to the geneal balance of powe. Many of the nations that have been expeiencing the ugency to be…… [Read More].

Military Ops Military-Led econstruction and Fiedler's Contingency Theory In light of the unfolding instability, violence and difficulty that characterized the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States military must reexamine its approach to the strategic invasion, occupation, reconstruction and power-handover that have evolved into a war-making template for the nation.

Accordingly, the research conducted hereafter considers the need for a change in leadership orientation, using Fiedler's Contingency Theory as the lens for the literature review thereafter. The Findings drawn from the review of literature are presented in this account and, generally, provided confirmation of the pertinence of Fiedler's contingency theory to modern military strategy as well as the pertinence of Fiedler's Least-Preferred Coworker checklist to defining ideal military leadership.

The reported findings connecting Fiedler's ideas with strategic and empirical documentation on applied military policy contribute to a number of policy recommendations.

In particular, these policy recommendations revolve around two…… [Read More]. Great ar for Civilisation Fisk begins chapter 14 Anything to ipe Out a Devil… with an account of the French invasion of Algeria in and it's subsequent ramifications. The author went to great lengths to parallel the French invasion of Algeria to the British and American invasions of Iraq.

Both the British invasion of Iraq during I and the American invasion in was done under the guise of liberation, the same as the French; but all three encountered the problem of not being welcomed as liberators. Fisk then began to describe a man named Mohammed Bouyali, who fought against the French and then fought against the Algerian government that replaced the French. His story was a microcosm of the story of Algeria: Bouyali helped expel the French only to be disillusioned by the native Algerian secular government which replaced the French.

He went on to form a group…… [Read More]. The United States can and has been hurt within this past year. Bush's plan to attack Iraq seems to be justifiable so that America has a lesser change of getting bombed again.

And, subsequently, being weakened further. By attacking Iraq, Bush's intends to protect America and possibly keep from having furthers attacks on our country in the future. However, some disagree with Bush about going forward with his plan to attack Iraq which poses a major conflict among the nation's government.

Some of the nation's leaders believe that the plan will do more harm than good. It may cause Iraq to attack America with a lot of power which could do extreme damage due to previous attacks the country. And, by attacking that country,…… [Read More]. Sociology and Sports and Race. In addition, the paper discusses the foreign policies of United States towards Israel and Iraq within the historical and the current context.

Moreover, any foreign policy is shaped by a country's interests in that particular region which can range from economic to political. In addition to the above, a foreign policy towards a country is also influenced by the fear of some threat from the same.

As a result of which, the policy can take any antagonistic form- legitimate or otherwise but largely negative that aims to dominate rather than collaborate. One example of the first kind of policy mentioned above is that of United States towards Israel. An example of the second…… [Read More]. Ethics of Tomahawk Missile.

The writer explains what tomahawk missiles are and how they work. The writer than discusses the cost of those missiles and the ethics of using them in attacks against enemies. There were eight sources used to complete this paper. As tensions mount between the United States and the Middle East, it appears that there will be a war. Using force to make nations comply is something that has been going on since the beginning of time.

Sometimes it is done to bully a nation into giving up its rightful land, while at other times it is done for the protection of groups of people as well as the standard of freedom for mankind around the world. Technology in recent years has allowed the advancement of many…… [Read More].

Gulf ar I vs. Gulf ar II The recent U. More than a decade later, a U. Bush, led an offensive attack against Iraq on grounds of not following UN sanctions on the production of weapons of destruction. The war between the U. This paper will analyze the differences and similarities that happened in the version of Gulf ar with this year's declaration of U. The Gulf ar of occurred because of…… [Read More].

Woman in the Military Although Their Numbers. Woman in the Military Although their numbers are still disappointingly small, military women now serve with distinction in every service. The women who served in Operation Desert Storm flew planes into enemy territory, fired weapons, commanded combat support units, ferried troops in to the combat zone and carried them fuel and supplies.

At the end of the war, Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney applauded the women's performance: They were every bit as professional as their male colleagues.

Recently, Jessica Lynch's actions on the battlefield in Iraq are once again fueling the debate over the role of women in the military. Many are in favor of letting women join men…… [Read More]. The writer discusses the importance of the events on a personal level and explains how they impact the life of the writer today.

I would be hard pressed to find anyone in America who does not know about the war going on in Iraq. The world was glued to the television as the war began and since that time there has not been a single day, in which the newscasters haven't discussed the events of the war, the future of Iraq, or the popularity ratings of President Bush. The war is important on many levels. It is the first step to letting terrorists know that they will no longer be tolerated.

I support the war and the reason we began the battle, but hope we will continue to move forward in the effort to unseat terrorists and rebuild those nations which they have…… [Read More].

Iraq ar As the end of the year slowly approaches, there is an expected transition of power by the United States and its allies to allow the Iraqi people to govern themselves. The media has tried to convince us that we as a nation have liberated the country of Iraq from one of the most brutal dictators in the world's documented history. Saddam equated to a modern day Adolf Hitler.

Saddam Hussein would surely have destroyed the American way of life by using his weapons of mass destruction that he had been stock piling for years. And if that was not bad enough, Saddam was also said to have supported the efforts of Al Qaeda's terroristic network.

Our nightly news and all of the media hype may actually have us as a nation beginning to believe this, ah, stuff, for the lack of a better term. The war has had…… [Read More]. Celebrating Years The history of aviation in the Navy is actually quite recent. Beginning in , the Navy has really driven its aeronautical program to new heights. From its modest beginnings before World War I, aviation in the Navy has come a long way.

It was not until World War II that the Navy really understood just how important aviation capabilities were and the investment in aircraft carriers helped win the war in the Pacific against a heavily fortified Japanese navy with landing strips on a variety of islands throughout the region.

Innovation seemed to stall until new threats in the Cold War once again demanded the Navy to invest in innovation to protect the nation's waters. The height of the Cold War saw the introduction of jet planes and nuclear capabilities on aircraft carriers. In the years after, the Navy has continued to play…… [Read More]. Commander in Chief and Other Powers. In a relatively brief explanation of the executive branch, the Constitution's framers present a vision of a president with very specific and limited powers.

Those powers include the service of Commander in Chief of the nation's armed forces, thereby entrusted with the capability and responsibility of making key strategic decisions related to the behavior of the United States in all military matters. Additional roles played by the president include appointing Justices to the Supreme Court and other staffing decisions, which have major bearings on the political character and tenor of the nation. Prior to the First and Second World Wars, the United States had remained relatively insular and isolationist in its approach to foreign policy.

There were some strategic military engagements prior to that point, but as soon as the United States…… [Read More]. Ethics Locked in a Hot. The group of jurors brings out the best in them in terms of reaching a common target. A group crisis is an event that has a high - impact and threatens the viability of the organization. Under conditions of crisis swift decision should be made and considered necessary.

The jury room turns into an emotional stage, the jury becomes a target for other frustrations members may be having in their family life. Juror number three makes the whole case very personal, he wishes to condemn the young boy because he believes that by doing this he will punish his own boy who deserted him. The stress that they are stuck on a hot weather in a room and they can not get out because one of them is determined to change their votes makes them…… [Read More].

Water in the Middle East. While on one hand, the Nile gets the highest discharge from rainfall on the highlands of Ethiopia and upland plateau of East Africa, located well outside the Middle East region; on the other hand, discharge points of the other two rivers, Euphrates and Tigris, are positioned well within the Middle East region, prevailing mostly in Turkey, Syria along with Iraq. In other areas, recurrent river systems are restricted to the more northern upland areas of Iran and Turkey, in common with the coastline of Levant Peter eaumont, Gerald H.

And Malcolm Wagstaff, The conflict in the Future It is widely believed by many experts that those who control the waters in the Middle East; control the Middle East; and those who control the Middle East; control the oil supply of the world David M.

From the above mentioned facts it is clear that the water…… [Read More]. This perspective suggests the necessity of distinguishing between the intended use and real affordances of an object and its perceived affordances.

For instance, affordances presented by a knife are defined by the individual who uses it, not necessarily by its designer. More specifically, although a designer envisaged the knife as a cutting tool, the user might not utilize the knife for cutting. While Gibson suggests that the knife does not have any affordance on its own, except when an individual has attributed a meaning to it, Norman suggests that the designer's real or intended affordance for the knife was for cutting purposes.

Children's literature can provide rich pictorials that appeal equally to adults as to children. David Wiesner is one author-illustrator that can be singled out for his talents at reeling in grown-ups. Some of his picture books are exactly that; containing few or no words, they feel more like surreal comic strips than children's literature. Wiesner's artwork, usually done in watercolor or colored pencil, is at once striking and subtle.

The subject matter often seems eerie until the end of the story, which finishes on an upbeat note. Books like Sector 7, Tuesday, Hurricane, and The Three Pigs, all written and illustrated by David Wiesner, convey his mood and tone with pictures alone.

Any accompanying text is ancillary to the illustrations and causes the reader to wonder whether the publisher demanded that some words be inserted for convention's sake especially in Hurricane.

Wiesner's illustrations tell the tale far better than any…… [Read More]. Aircraft Engine Fuel on Our. At the same time, research on ozone depletion showed the dire situation and helped support pushes for reform and regulation of harmful chemicals being used in such a vulnerable context as in our atmosphere.

Many Western nations have passed legislation limiting the types of chemicals and levels which are acceptable, for example the Air Pollution Act in the United States U. Environmental Protection Agency Conclusions With this growing amount of data, it is clear that stricter regulation will be necessary to curb future ozone and water pollution as a result of the growth of the aviation industry.

We cannot completely ban airline travel, and so resources need to be implemented in finding safer alternatives for the harmful chemicals necessary in massive airline travel.

American Quilt Film Report for. God created man and woman, it can never be one without another, woman comes to complete man and vice versa. They are so different and when they come together they become complete. True love means feelings that spring from the bottom of the soul, and also means forgiveness for the other, and understanding each other's temptations and frailties, it has nothing to do with physical attraction.

According to one of the reviews on the IMD site "In a sense the Darwinian nature of the human animals depicted here is correct, and on that level director Jocelyn Moorehouse is having a good laugh on all of us. Her assertion is that what human really practice is "serial monogamy," an insight from evolutionary psychology increasingly accepted these days. Her answer to the vexing question, "Can men and women be friends? From a woman's point-of-view -- and this film is…… [Read More].

References Bush, George H. Address to the Nation on the Invasion of Iraq January 16, Miller Center for Public Affairs. World politics since Open Society Institute, Fingrut, David. Out right disinformation scheme. Involvement in the Persian Gulf War. The Gulf War, References Adams, Thomas K. Special Operations Forces in Action: The Incursion into Panama" Retrieved 20 February, at http: Current issues of U.

Retrieved from Paige, S. We won't let them train. Bibliography April Glaspie Transcript. The Kuwait Information Office. Conduct of the Persian Gulf War. The National Security Archive 11 Feb Bibliography Dobbins, John Col. Menon, Parvathi World Affairs: A Past in Peril Frontline Vol. With Krebs not really trusting his parents, and his loss of love as well the author shows the reader several issues that can affect a soldier returning home from combat.

Along with the loss of interest in relationships, and not having a reason to interact with the towns people or even listen to his parents, they all show some of the struggles facing returning servicemen and women then and today, and that they have faced upon their return from foreign places where they have been busily waging war for the entire twentieth century Associated Content The problems with the American soldier returning home from combat are worse than people may think.

They go a lot deeper than people may think. These are the problems that are unseen by society and have been written about since at least Hemingway's story is not prescient or "ahead of its tie" because it recognized and described the issues of coming home from war in ways that can be identified with modern diagnoses and that reflect modern experiences.

Instead, it is the simple commonality of the experiences of warfare that existed in the First World War and that still exist in today's military conflicts that makes this work still relevant.

The fact that Hemingway so accurately describes a case of post Traumatic Stress Disorder doesn't matter nearly as much as the fact that this disorder still exists, and for the same reasons it existed nearly a hundred years ago. Until mankind learns to end warfare, traumas like those experienced by Krebs and by real soldiers in ongoing wars will continue to lead to the development f psychological disorders like PTSD as described in "Soldier's Home" and by countless servicemen and servicewomen that have served honorably in places of combat today.

As Krebs returns home from war in , he is faced with issues of being back in the civilian society. Whether a soldier fought in World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Somalia, or Iraq and Afghanistan, the problems of the returning veteran are handled the same then as they are now personally, within the soldier and with the general public.

Retrieved May 5, from History. The state of deterrence in international politics today. Retrieved May 5, from Contemporary Security Policy website: The Persian Gulf War. Retrieved May 5, from American Experience. References Cary, Peter, Duffy, Brian A Desert Storm accounting. Author not available The untold history of the war.

Killer Angels View Full Essay. Works Cited Birnbaum, Jesse. A Desert Storm Accounting. Who Is Our Neighbor? National Catholic Reporter, pp. Military Monograph View Full Essay. References Bankston, Edward B. Soldiers Deployed to the Gulf War. Toward a Chicano Social Science.

Retrieved October 3, from Frontline Web site: Retrieved October 3, Palmer, On Course to Desert Storm: Navy and the Persian Gulf Washington, D.

Naval Historical Center, , Marolda and Robert J. Naval Institute Press, , Iraq's conduct of the Gulf crisis: Did Iraq expect a nuclear Desert Storm? Deterrence, paradigms, and operational culture in a weapons of mass destruction environment. War In History, 21 3 , Managing projects in organizations: How to make the best use of time, techniques, and people.

A case study on Joint Direct Attack Munitions. Defense Systems College Management. Commercial approaches to weapons acquisition. Globalization, Alive and Well. Hawks, Doves and Realists.

Retrieved November 8, from http: Works Cited Academy of Achievement. References Author not available References After the Storm. Missouri's Commitment to Joplin.

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