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Defining Success

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Definition Essay on Success
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For some, this success might mean trying new things and a lifestyle that supports it. Success is tied in with happiness because they are both highly subjective. Health can also be considered a defining factor in success. People feel unsuccessful if they, or someone they love, are not healthy. For instance, can father feel successful if his child is ill? This is why doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and hospitals are so important. Not only do they allow people to live longer, but they also allow people to feel successful in their life.

Finally, success can mean overcoming hardships. No one likes hard and rough times with tears and pain. Someone who has come through the pain often feels like he or she has accomplished something. An individual that has overcome an obstacle achieves a measure of success.

Light would not exist without darkness and success would not be truly achieved without failure. But we all hope that this failure is only temporary. People want to achieve success and make plans to reach it.

Success can also be reached by achievement of goals. In order to accomplish a goal, one must accomplish smaller goals that lead up to the main achievement. For instance, if a football team achieved its aim to win their district and the state championship, they would be successful. On the other hand, if the team set out to have a winning record, and failed, the season would not be considered successful.

Success, no matter how big or small the goals are, can only be grasped through the attaining of those goals. Success must also be sought after. For anyone to have success, they must fight and strive for it. If a secretary of a large corporation worked her way up the ladder through hard work and sacrifice, she would be a success.

On the other hand, if a secretary had a friend who got her a job at the top, she would not be looked upon as a success. There must be a desire for improvement and a commitment to achieve success. It cannot be handed out or paid for. If a student worked hard on homework, read the material, and did well on the test, they would be successful. The desire to work hard and make a good grade produced his success.

If he'd been given the answers before the test, and he scored well, he could not be a success. His lack of willingness to work for the grade led to the lack of success. If a football team beat a superior team and then lost the next week to a lesser opponent, the team would not be In six pages this paper analyzes success within the contexts of these poems.

Two sources are cited in the bibliography In a paper consisting of 5 pages the success value of a college degree is evaluated but determines that while many occupations req These are cost advantage and differentiation.

These are two different ways a compe In 5 pages this creative essay discusses a student's mistake and what was learned about success as a result In six pages a corporate analysis of the successful Sonic fast food chain is presented with recommendations to ensure future succe In five pages this essay discusses the catalog sales success of Lands' End in a consideration of strategies with other competitor The Continental Congress debated the woman-suffrage movement question at length, decidi

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Essay about Success I once read a book about three women who grew up together as children. They separated after high school, each choosing their own paths in life.

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Success essaysPerhaps the most important realization that an individual can make in their quest for personal growth is that there is no single formula that defines the path to personal success. We all have different goals and priorities, which mean that different activities and attitudes will make u.

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Success Essay As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, success is: “the gaining of wealth, fame, etc,” or “favorable result.” Success defined by myself is: being content in life, having the necessities, forming a family, having the career of . Success is about setting goals and achieving them. Such goals include losing weight, learning how to play an instrument, making profit in a business, and being the best in certain career among others.

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What is Success About: Defining Success - Watching an acquaintance or friend achieve a goal they set for themselves is very rewarding. When the goal is achieved, you would consider them successful. Definition Essay: Success The American Dream is a large house, a speedy car, and financial freedom. For some, it includes a boat, a RV, and a cottage by the lake.