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Causes Of Generation Gap

Short Essay on Generation Gap

❶Value systems have gradually degenerated and the youth is assimilating a new culture.

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Long and Short Essay on Generation Gap in English
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In other words, we can say that Modern thinking has instilled the free spirit, self-consciousness in the young that does not exist in the old generation. Fast advanced technology has made new changes in society and makes an inevitable impact on the minds of the young.

Besides, Modern Generation chases the modernism in their life. They feel that addiction to more drugs and alcoholism is a fashion. So they ready every moment to follow this new change in their life. But New Generation adopts social aberrations, as a result, there is a clash between old values and emerging ones. Moreover, the new generation has no more faith in established ways of thinking. Old Generation is adopting puritanical and straitjacket attitude that is opposite to confident, assertive and daring nature of the young.

In conclusion, we can say that generation gap can be reduced and bridged to some extent, if the elderly treat with youngsters politely, sympathy and understanding. It is the responsibility of elder ones to make friendly relation with the younger ones. This comes out of our value systems and close family ties. But nowadays parents have no time to devote with their children and hence there is no family tie. This leads the young generation to diversions. Sometimes our children go astray because they don't get enough parental love and care.

They are attracted to the fascinating shows on TV. They learn a lot of things from TV. Everything that they learn is not healthy for them. This creates most of the problems. Our children are becoming immoral for which the past generation is also equally responsible. Parents should compromise with the situation and they must tackle the young minds delicately and wisely. No doubt the world is changing fast and change in our life style is automatic which can't be completely avoided.

There is a need of proper guidance for the young generation which alone can prevent them from going on the wrong path. Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge.

The Generation Gap Essay Sample

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Generation Gap Essay 1 ( words) Generation Gap or Generational gap means a kind of difference in the thoughts, lifestyle, work of interest and opinions among people of different age group. Generation is generally divided in three partitions one is childhood, second is middle life and third is old age.

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The gap between the old people and the young is called the generation gap. It is the difference in the attitude, priorities, and views among generations. As to the different attitude of life, the people belonging to the old generation always wonder what has gone wrong with the new generation/5(12).

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Short Essay on Generation Gap Article shared by Life styles, rapid changes in Science and Technology has transformed our outlook towards life, increasing the divide, much more than it . Tags: Management of generation gap in the family essay, how to write a case study report child abuse, ocr latin gcse past papers , how to improve writing. Jan 24, Free Example essay on Generation Gap, Argumentative essay Sample. Generation gap essay Cover letter cover letter Hopes and dreams essay.

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Generation Gap Essay – 2 ( words) Introduction. Generation Gap is referred to as the difference of beliefs and ideas between people from different generations. This is a common phenomenon and has continued for ages. The term is often used to state the difference of opinions between children and parents or grandparents. Log into the justice gap how this student a term which is the. - posted in the current generation gap essays, problems and other generation gap. Yes of the generation gap is created films like essay the paper topics that we had a really a popular culture had a sensational discussion.