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An Essay on Swine Flu (H1N1) for Kids, Youth and Students

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Swine Flu History

After about ten years, most people will have developed antibodies to fight these small changes. But if the virus then changes a lot, there can be a pandemic. Hundreds of millions of people suddenly realize that the antibodies they developed are useless. In , an Asian flu pandemic infected about 45 million Americans and killed 70, Eleven years later, from to , the Hong Kong flu pandemic infected 50 million Americans and caused 33, deaths.

In , about soldiers became infected with swine flu over a few weeks. However, by the end of the month, investigators found that the virus had "mysteriously disappeared", and there were no more signs of swine flu anywhere on the post. However, these were in people who were thought to have caught the virus from pigs. They watched the outbreak in , and made plans about what to do if a global pandemic breaks out.

The main symptoms of the swine influenza is much the same as regular influenza. Symptoms include vomiting , nausea , runny nose , loss of appetite , lethargy feeling tired , chills , fever , body aches , sore throat , coughing , diarrhea , and stomach ache. The bird flu virus H3N2 is endemic in pigs in China. It has recently been found in pigs in Vietnam. Specialists also think that this might lead to new variations of the influenza virus.

These viruses can combine in new ways, and exchange certain genes with H5N1. Through mutation , this would create a form of the virus that can pass easily among humans.

In it was discovered that H5N1 could be infecting up to half of the pig population in some areas of Indonesia , but without showing symptoms. Chairul Nidom, a virologist at Airlangga University 's tropical disease center in Surabaya , East Java , did some independent research: Five of the pig samples contained the H5N1 virus.

The Indonesian government has since found similar results in the same region. Additional tests of pigs outside the area were negative. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC , a United States government agency, reports that the symptoms and transmission of the swine flu from human to human is much like seasonal flu. Usually, the symptoms are fever , lethargy feeling tired , lack of appetite and coughing. Some people with swine flu also have reported runny nose , sore throat , nausea , vomiting and diarrhoea.

Another person then might touch the same thing with the virus on it and then touch their own nose or mouth. Diagnosis can be made by sending a specimen sample , collected during the first five days, to the CDC for analysis. The Swine Flu is susceptible to four licensed drugs in the United States, amantadine , rimantadine , oseltamivir and zanamivir.

However, for the outbreak, it is recommended it be treated with oseltamivir and zanamivir. Even if the virus strains are the same specific variety, the antigenicity is very different. Academically-driven scientists may not understand how to 'pitch' the drug to investors, or even to explain the drug's utility to laypersons in Congress, when soliciting funding or regulatory approval.

However, the most potentially damaging management team would be that of young MBAs with little knowledge of the lengthy nature of the drug development process. They might show frustration with the…… [Read More]. National Public Health Resources in the United. We will be describing the history of the public health department as well as other significant things regarding this subject.

Our main focus besides at the national level will be at the Santa Clara County which is in the state of California. Finally, we will attempt to differentiate between public and community health which is related to our chosen agency of Santa Clara. History of Department of Health in U. Department of Health and Human Services started in , at that time it had few finances as well as resources in terms of employed personals, medical equipments and so on.

It later on became more effective with the aid of different acts such as Quarantine act of the year The department introduced children's services early in the twentieth century. Responsibilities of the Federal State and Local. Department of Agriculture and the FDA Food and Drug Administration regulate food and drug safety, to ensure that American consumers are protected against tainted or unsafe products.

The Surgeon General has often been the spearhead of public health campaigns, such as to encourage Americans to quit smoking or to be aware of the gravity of the AIDS epidemic.

The White House has likewise championed many public health service campaigns, such as the current 'Let's Move' campaign of Michelle Obama. The Department of Health and Human Services oversees the majority of health-related initiatives on the part of the federal government, including Medicare, the health insurance program provided for all seniors HHS, , Official Website. However, state and local public agencies also have substantial responsibilities in safeguarding public safety.

Opposition a edf Authinity Www, rotten Tomatoes Impossible to review? While most films on otten Tomatoes are fairly consistently rated as bad, good, or mediocre, the reviews are squarely split between anti-Twilight and pro-Twilight camps. The review of Peter Travers, critic for olling Stone, echoes the sentiments of many anti-Twilight reviews, forced to watch the film as part of their job: By which I mean, It's Finished! Five movies have been squeezed out of four Stephenie Meyer Twilight books.

All of them redefining cinematic tedium for a new century. And now, It's Over! No more Twilight movies EVE! This illustrates the problem with reviewing components…… [Read More]. Obesity in Los Angeles County The United States, while being one of the most technologically developed countries in the world, is not a healthy nation.

Typically, when we think of disease pandemics we think of things like Swine Flu, Ebola, Lyme disease, etc. However, in the 21st century, we have a new pandemic that affects our children, adults, and eventually the whole population. Because of a more sedentary lifestyle, a proclivity for fast food, a high-fat diet, and hundreds of sugary drinks, obesity is now statistically so rampant that it is having a serious effect on American's health.

Almost every researcher, whether medical or academic, as well as the public health sector, agree that there are statistical links between what we ingest and the consequences to our overall health profile. Certainly, all we need to is walk down any grocery store aisle, open up most magazines and newspapers, or watch…… [Read More]. There are various factors, social, economic, environmental and cultural factors which affect the tourism industry in Thailand.

Also, the rural tourism in Thailand needs more work. This report has some strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Thailand's tourism industry. In the end, recommendations are given on how to improve the tourism industry in Thailand.

Thailand, a beautiful country at the heart…… [Read More]. AIDS to prevent infection: The article begins by describing why AIDS is still a very much-discussed topic within the medical community, despite many breakthroughs, after so many years of being in the news, and so many advances in the technology that treats it.

According to the article, one of the most successful treatments in preventing AIDS for healthy individuals is called Truvada, which is a combination of Emtriva, and Viread. Truvada, This treatment was created in an effort to create a "pre-exposure prophylaxis" or PrEP. This treatment would require men who are at high risk of contracting HIV to take a daily pill in order to provide a better defense from this disease.

This treatment may greatly reduce the number of men who contract HIV each year, already at a very high…… [Read More]. Swine Flu View Full Essay. Medical Diagnosis and Treatment McGraw Hill Health Professions, John Wiley and Sons, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 60, More Damned Lies and Statistics. University of California Press: Retrieved September 29, from http: H1N1 running rampant amid shortage of vaccine.

The swine flu pandemic. Lessons learned from the first wave of the swine flu pandemic. Occupational Health, 61 11 , A primer on strategies for prevention and control of seasonal and pandemic influenza.

American Journal of Public Health, 99, S Pandemic Flu View Full Essay. Addressing ethical issues in pandemic influenza planning. Awareness, attitudes, and practices related to the swine influenza pandemic among the saudi public.

Infectious Diseases, 10 Will the nhs continue to function in an influenza pandemic? A survey of healthcare workers in the west midlands, uk. BMC Public Health, 9 , doi: Swine Flu May Be Behind illnesses at school. Communicable Disease View Full Essay. Host defenses gone awry. Journal of Interferon Cytokine Research, 30 9: Transmission of influenza A in human beings. Lancet Infectious Diseases, 7 4: Understanding the symptoms of the common cold and influenza.

Lancet Infectious Diseases, 5 Prevention and control of influenza. Pandemic H1N1 flu has now spread globally and is the dominant flu strain in the Southern Hemisphere. The New England Journal of Medicine.

This is a focused historical study of the manner in which the Spanish Flu mutated over decades, becoming less virulent and then mutating more into avian and swine flu. Each mutation is cataloged by year, showing its mutation, method of infection, and overall basic organic makeup.

Rather than focusing on solutions, the article is more a chronicle of the events surrounding a virus particularly adapted to humans and our agricultural practices. Works Cited Cavendish, M. Diseases and Disorders p. The ecology of Ebola virus. Trends in Microbiology, 15 9 , Panic in Level 4 p.

Another key facet of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is that it has enacted legislature that makes it easier for people with previously existent health care conditions to both get health coverage as well as to get the treatments they need. Again, the result of this aspect of the health care reform measure is that it should make it possible to increase the general wellness of the American people.

Also, health care insurance is projected to become more affordable due to various changes related to Obama's health care reform. One of the most egregious health care epidemics to sweep through the modern world in the past couple of years is the infamous H1N1 swine flu. It took up a place of prominence in the health care industry in , when it was initially discovered as a new, more malignant strain of influenza. Research linked this particular form of influenza to the type of this virus that is related to pigs -- some of the earliest reports of swine flu came from people who were either near pigs or had direct exposure to pigs.

Still, it was quickly ascertained that the most popular way that this condition spread was actually from inter-human contact. This particular virus infects the cells related to a person's lungs, nose and throat areas, and is transmitted via contact from a contaminated surface to a person's hands, eyes, mouth or nose.

There are a number of measures that are used to cope with swine flu and to ideally prevent its occurrence. Early on in the development of the epidemic outbreak of this environment that was most prevalent in and , it was determined that antiviral drugs such as zanamivir and oseltamivir were important deterrents in counteracting the effects of this virus.

Researchers were even able to come up with a vaccine midway through that could be used for patients who reached life threatening levels of complications due to swine flu.

Other measures that should be taken in order to control the spread of this virus are more preventative in nature. These measures including frequently washing one's hands either with soap and water or liquid sanitizer , staying home when infected with the virus to suppress any possible contamination of others, and striving to cover up sneezes or coughs through which the virus may spread. H1N1 swine flu quarantine legal in USA. Domestic use of the armed forces to maintain law and order -- posse comitatus pitfalls at the inauguration of the 44th president" Publius 41 2: Could It Happen Here?

Air Traffic View Full Essay. References Airports Council International Airport preparedness guidelines for outbreaks of communicable disease. Homeland security presidential directive -- 5: Management of domestic incidents. Malaria and helminth interactions in humans: Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology, 7: The quest to end the flu.

Global Warming risk 'much higher'. Retrieved on November 1, , from Department of Health web site at http: American Public Health Association Retrieved on November 2, , from http: Center for Disease Control.

State and Local Infrastructure. Tale of Three Airports. Columbus Regional Airport Authority. America's Forgotten Pandemic" has become extremely popular over the course of the last twenty years. Mainly because it provides a vivid account of another modern pandemic that threatens to mirror the myriad of epidemics that the world is confronting.

Almost all the medical practitioners can cure the virus, but there are few specialists as well who work to cure the disease. There are many home remedies as well that can be followed to cure Swine Flu.

However, these should be consulted with your medical practitioner before you put them to use. It is just a precautionary measure, so that you do not complicate the case. It is wise to be sure than to be sorry for being foolish.

You are strictly not allowed to copy this essay for your school assignment.

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words essay on Swine Flue: Causes and Cure. Swine influenza virus was first isolated from pigs in in the US and has been recognized by pork producers and veterinarians to cause infections in .

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This free Health essay on Essay: Swine flu is perfect for Health students to use as an example.

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Swine Flu and Efforts to Control It Essay One of these efforts has revolved around encouraging individuals to carry out certain measures to prevent the spread . Sep 29,  · View and download swine flu essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your swine flu essay.