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How to Cite a Source Within Your Research Paper

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❶Your reader will assume the subsequent citations reference the same source. Toggle action bar FAQ Actions.

How to Cite

MLA In-Text Citations: The Basics
Don't want to cite by hand?
MLA Works Cited: Electronic Sources (Web Publications)

Accessed 27 May Give the author of the message, followed by the subject line in quotation marks. Include the date the message was sent. Cite web postings as you would a standard web entry. Provide the author of the work, the title of the posting in quotation marks, the web site name in italics, the publisher, and the posting date. Follow with the date of access. Include screen names as author names when author name is not known.

Editor, screen name, author, or compiler name if available. Max Number of Rooms? Next, place the tweet in its entirety in quotations, inserting a period after the tweet within the quotations. Include the date and time of posting, using the reader's time zone; separate the date and time with a comma and end with a period.

Include the date accessed if you deem necessary. Video and audio sources need to be documented using the same basic guidelines for citing print sources in MLA style. Include as much descriptive information as necessary to help readers understand the type and nature of the source you are citing. List the username as the author. Use the phrase, Comment on, before the title. Use quotation marks around the article title.

Name the publisher, date, time listed on near the comment , and the URL. Purdue Online Writing Lab. Electronic Sources Web Publications Summary: Common Words that Sound Alike Numbers: Text Elements Visual Rhetoric: Process and Materials Overview: An Introduction Researching Programs: Practical Considerations Researching Programs: Drafting Your Statement Statements of Purpose: The Basics In-Text Citations: Basic Rules Reference List: Articles in Periodicals Reference List: Other Print Sources Reference List: Electronic Sources Reference List: Organization and Structure Graduate Writing Workshops: Introductions Graduate Writing Workshops: Literature Reviews Graduate Writing Workshops: Put only the first author in last name, first name order.

Examples of containers include: A website hosting an article follow the article title in quotation marks with the brief web address in italics: A poem in a poetry collection list the title of the collection in italics after the title of the poem in quotation marks: A television series list the television series in italics after the episode title in quotation marks: List other contributors, if applicable. Some works may have contributors other than the primary author.

For instance, a book may have a translator, editor or illustrator. If this applies to your work, give the other contributors after any details about containers.

Translated by Constance Garnett. Provide the edition, version, volume, and number information, if present. For example, an article in a journal will typically belong to a certain volume number, some books will be published in different edition numbers first, second, third, etc.

If any of this information applies to your source, list it next. Identify the publisher and date. For traditional print sources, the publisher is the organization that issues the text. Follow this information with the date of publication. National Geographic Society, An MLA works cited entry should list information about where the information was found. For a source like a chapter in a book or a journal article, you could provide page numbers.

If you are citing an artwork, list the museum it is located in. If you are citing a website, include the URL. If you are a student, your teacher may or may not ask for these. Indicate whether the source has a second container. Some sources are nested within larger containers, particularly when it comes to ones accessed electronically. Both the title and the page number s should be placed in parentheses at the end of your quotation or paraphrase.

Cite two or three authors by listing all the last names alphabetically in the parentheses or within in the sentence. For more than three authors, write the first author's last name followed by et al. Cite from an Internet source by including in the sentence the first word that appears in the Works Cited page, which corresponds to the citation i. If it's necessary to list the website name in order to help your reader get to the appropriate entry on the works cited page, then use a single phrase.

Do not use URLs; instead, provide the domain name. For example, use CNN. Use our citation tool to automatically generate your bibliography for any website. In-Text Citation of a Poem. Tip Research citation generators can help quicken the process of creating a works cited page.

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The source information required in a parenthetical citation depends (1.) upon the source medium (e.g. Print, Web, DVD) and (2.) upon the source’s entry on the Works Cited (bibliography) page. Any source information that you provide in-text must correspond to the source information on the Works Cited page.

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The In-text Citation. When citing a research paper, include references within two sections: The quotes used within the essay; The Works Cited page at the end; The citation information in the body of the paper itself is called the "in-text citation”.

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There are many ways to cite your source within a research paper; one of the most common is the MLA in-text parenthetical citation method. Quotations, summaries, paraphrases, and any other material used from a source must be cited. MLA 8 Website Citation: Social Media. In an increasingly digital world, social media platforms have become one of the most popular sources students turn to when writing a research paper. When citing social media in your work, follow the same format as an MLA citation for a website.

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This resource, updated to reflect the MLA Handbook (8 th ed.), offers examples for the general format of MLA research papers, in-text citations, endnotes/footnotes, and the Works Cited page. It is always a good idea to maintain personal copies of electronic information, when possible.