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The Dominican Republic Essay Sample

Football in the Dominican Republic. National team Olympic U U U National team U U U Footballer of the Year Top scorers. National sports teams of the Dominican Republic.

Canada Mexico United States. Retrieved from " https: Caribbean national association football teams Dominican Republic national football team National sports teams of the Dominican Republic. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 14 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Batays is the large group in the aforementioned that works the pubs, discos and brothels in search of livelihoods In addition with the advent of population pressure as terms of thousands are left unemployed, and living in destitution, the nutrition status of these Dominicans have changed.

Malnutrition and related diseases are rampant and this has weakened both the psyche and immunologic responses It is no wonder therefore that the people of the Dominican Republic earning low income are the ones highly infected with HIV Aids The politics of any nation coupled to the history have a great impact on the economy and as such the social trends The Dominican Republic is no different since when the Dominicans voluntarily returned to the Spaniard rule and later own in gained independence economic difficulties have plagued them Couple this to the military coups of , and the subsequent occupation by the united states military forces and it is so obvious that this nation has had its fair share of inflation and object poverty Take an example of — when the Dominican Republic went through a 2-year economic depression, unique to which were the high inflation rates and the devaluation of the peso currency It has become hard over the years to recover from these economic challenges and this country has problems with the delivery of essential services like water, electricity and transportation.

In spite of the economic reforms that have been instituted even with the IMF support, there has not been a very great change much as inflation is moderate The Dominican Republic is largely on agricultural nation dependent on sugar, coffee, cocoa and tobacco cultivation on one hand and a tourism centre on the other hand.

It is this second option of tourism that is responsible for a great number of clientele for frequent the republics brothels, pubs and discos where they mix the Dominicans and accentuate the spread of HIV Aids. Until today the republic courtesy of the IMF through the standby Agreement is a beneficiary of aid from international organizations, the inter-American Development Bank and the European Union The significance of this cannot be overstressed, with the increase in poverty levels, tourism and a government that is largely under pressure to deliver to its citizenry, HIV Aids infection is possible out of the pursuit for livelihood In addition HIV spread is perpetuated on one hand out of the inability of the Dominican Republic to deliver on essential services.

There is a historical touch to the cultural beliefs and practices of the republics citizens. As mentioned earlier the workers in the Batays are of Haitian descent. The main challenge for these Haiti born workers is the aspect of discrimination if not xenophobia The Dominican Republic rulers center the fear in the Haitan population living in the Batanys on probable deportation This discrimination and fear is a product of deep-rooted anti-Haitianism that has permeated the Dominican society for years.

To shed more light on this Dominican children or offspring born of unregistered therefore unrecognized Haitian parents cannot obtain a birth certificate This birth certificate is a ticket to access to essential services like education, health services and eventually jobs. In essence the Dominican offspring of a non-registered Haitian parent is left ignorant, in utter poverty and consigned to working the sugar mills Prostitution which has been known as the oldest profession around the globe serves to be one of the immoral professions by most countries depending on their religion Dr1.

Mostly seen on developing countries, prostitution provides easy access to money as poor individuals lack enough opportunity to have better and decent jobs. But performance has always fallen short of target in the past, and few believe that the current Plan will be able to meet its target. The Indian youth also get problems in finding….

If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Dominican Republic Essay Examples. Previous Go to page. Guided primarily by… National security Security Strategy. Dominican Republic and Hero Imagine a mother that leaves her education behind for the well-being and the future of her child.

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Free Essay: The people of the Dominican Republic are knowledgeable of their past in order to know what their future might bring. The Spanish settlers gave.

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- Dominican Republic Geography The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. It is the second largest of the Greater Antilles. The country is approximately 18, square miles, or twice the size of the state of New Hampshire, occupying the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola (Goodwin, p).

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Essay Mike Bengs So. St. B3 Jan. 7th, Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispanola located in the Caribbean Sea. It takes up about 2/3 of the island which it shares with Haiti. Dominican Republic's total area is 48, square kilometers. The Dominican Republic Jas a tropical maritime climate. . The Dominican Republic Essay Gaining its independence as the Dominican Republic on the twenty-seventh of February in the Dominican Republic is a Spanish speaking country with more than ninety-five percent of Dominicans professing to be Roman Catholics.

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Free Essay: Culture of the Dominican Republic The People Dominicans’ ethnicity consists of Taino, Spanish and African. The native people on the island were. Essay on How the Dominican Republic Changed My American Middle Class Life - How the Dominican Republic Changed My American Middle Class Life I am a product of American society. Born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, I grew up in a middle class suburban neighborhood.