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Math Made Easy—How to Find the Circumference of a Circle

Circumference of Circle

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perimeter and circumference homework help

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Did you know that the circumference of the Earth was first calculated more than years ago by the Greek mathematician, Eratosthenes? Knowing how to calculate circumference is used in many fields of study, including: If you have trouble remembering geometry terms, it helps to think of other words from the same root with which you may be more familiar.

For example, the Latin root of the word circumference is circum, meaning around. Circum is now considered a prefix also meaning around or round about. Check out 4 common types of geometry homework problems and solutions involving the circumference of circles. What is the radius of a circle with a circumference of ft.? Find the circumference of a circle that has an area of This is a two-step problem. First, since we know the area of the circle we can figure out the radius of the circle by plugging in Now that we know the radius is equal to 5 m.

If you still need help with other geometry problems about the circumference of a circle , please ask in the comment section below.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. LOL, my daughter the smarter one figured that out. I am following you so that I'll be sure to be able to find you again. Dd is doing fairly OK in geometry this semester, but last semester algebra most of her homework sessions ended in tears. She got a 45 on an algebra assignment that she, my husband and I all worked on together for three hours.

LOL, we thought between the three of us she'd get at least a C. We will need you again for sure! You are very welcome SmartandFun. Although looking back over my answer, somehow my pi symbol was replaced with a question mark. I am glad you could follow along. Thank you so much, KTrapp, you are a life saver! I was able to go over your answer with my daughter this morning before school, and we both get it now! She and I are both "arts and letters" type people and have a hard time with math.

I feel terrible when she asks me for help. I try to help but truthfully she is ahead of me in the math dept. I see those symbols and letters like the m and my brain just freezes up. Thanks so much for helping us both! Smartandfun - Thanks for your question. I think I can help both you and your daughter. First, let's talk about Area.

The Area of anything circle, square, triangle, etc. For example, a square where each side is 2inches has a perimeter distance around of 8inches and an area of 4inches squared. In example 4 the "m" simply represents the units i. It is "m squared" since the I don't know the type of measurement units for your daughter's specific math problem, but whatever it is,those units would also squared.

But let's not get hung up on the units. What we know is that the Area of the circle is If you look at the equations for the Area of a circle and the Circumference of a circle, they both have r radius in them. So if we could figure out the radius of the circle knowing the Area, then we could plug the radius of the circle into the Circumference equation in order to find the circumference.

Now that we know the radius of the circle is 8 units we can substitute 8 for r into the circumference equation as follows:. Therefore, a circle with an Area of I am trying to help my 7th grade daughter learn how to figure the circumference of a circle when all that is known is the area, but I'm the blind leading the blind, LOL. Thank you for all the efforts that you took to make my paper excellent.

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The radius is half that length - so from the centre to any point onf the circumference. The circumference is the length of the edge of the circle. The circumference is found by multiplying the diameter by pi. Related Questions Circumference, diameter and radius homework, has to be in tomorrow!?

Segment of a circle math question? Maths - Finding the radius of a circle? Can anyone help me where to start with this question?

circumference homework help

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The circumference of a circle is the distance around the circle. C = π (2r) = 2 πr. The area is the number of square units inside the circle. A = πd2/4.

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A circle is a curve joining a set of points which are at same distance from a fixed point. Here, the fixed point is called the center of the circle and the fixed distance is called the radius of the circle.

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Circumference Homework Help. circumference homework help The circumference of a circle is the distance around the circle. C = π (2r) = 2 πr. The area is the number of square units inside the circle. b. What is the circumference of the circle using Tt ? A circle has a diameter of 11 inches. Find the exact area and an approximate area using Tt b. What is the circumference of the circle using Tt ? Using the figure below, find the area of the circle. 10 cm 1. 22 The following circles are not drawn to scale. Find the area of each circle.

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Perimeter And Circumference Homework Help. perimeter and circumference homework help online essay plagiarism scanner phd research proposal example failed phd thesisOverview: In this lesson you will learn how to find the area of shapes, the circumference of shapes and the perimeter of tojikon.mltation bound edinburgh Area And Perimeter Homework Help cornell phd thesis . Sep 04,  · Circumference homework help? Homework Help: Circumference/Radius Question? More questions. Help with circle circumference Homework? Math homework help circumference? Answer Questions. Can anyone help write a theorem for my theory. I call it MR-theory for membrane relativity? It explains dark energy and white hole decay?Status: Resolved.