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Business Plan for Buying an Existing Business

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❶Hire a business attorney to draft all purchase agreements and contracts.

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Use this firsthand experience to back up and verify operations and income claims in the business plan and financial statements. Hire a business attorney to draft all purchase agreements and contracts. Purchasing a business requires legal expertise only an attorney can provide and will ensure that contract clauses and other elements are included to protect your interests.

Hire an accountant as well to assist with the business purchase. Obtain financing through your lender of choice. Your lender will tell you what documents are necessary for the loan package. Consider using a local bank that knows the local business environment and can offer ongoing, in-person customer service.

Be sure all taxes, licenses, permits, inspections and other local, state and federal requirements are up to date at the time of the sale. This is another valid reason for hiring an attorney and an accountant for your business purchase. Matt McKay began his writing career in , writing training programs and articles for a national corporation. His work has appeared in various online publications and materials for private companies. McKay has experience in entrepreneurship, corporate training, human resources, technology and the music business.

Skip to main content. Tips Consider hiring a business broker or consultant to help with the purchase of the business and for verification and research regarding the financial statements, the business plan and the business's viability.

Your banker can also provide valuable free advice regarding certain financial aspects of the business. Ask the business owner to continue working for the business after purchase to ensure a smooth transfer and answer any questions as you learn the operation.

Always weigh the pros and cons of buying an existing business with starting a new operation. Warning Don't rely solely on seller claims. Selling a business is like selling a house or car; everything may be clean and polished on the outside, but unseen problems may exist with or without the seller's knowledge. Would you like to merge this question into it? Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

Merge this question into. Split and merge into it. BP for an Existing Business Yes, a business plan is required to buy an existing business - especially if you will be seeking financing. The current owners may already have a business plan, but this is not your plan. Your plan needs to take into consideration the transition that will occur as the business changes hands.

For instance, if you are purchasing a retail business that has a steady flow of customers, how will the transfer take place without disrupting normal business activities?

The plan also needs to detail any changes that you intend to make to the business model, pricing and marketing. It should also include an updated personnel plan and financials. Does a business plan for a restaurant have any unique or specific requirements? No two business plans are alike, so the answer to this question is YES! A business plan for one restaurant - say a casual, fast-food establishment - will be much different than that for another restaurant - such as a formal sit-down dinner club.

Like any business, it is the unique aspects of a restaurant that help to give it a competitive advantage. As far as specific requirements, there are a couple of unique elements that are found in restaurant business plans. First, you should have section that carefully explains food and beverage production. Where will food be prepared i. What safety procedures will be implemented to protect employees and customers from the dangers of food poisoning?

In preparing certain menu items dishes , how will consistency be maintained i. You will also want to include a sample menu as an attachment or within the appendices. Second, in a restaurant business plan there should be a section that describes the atmosphere facility layout and design and ambience. Most people go to a restaurant to eat and socialize. They are attracted not only by great food, but also by the surroundings - these two elements combined make up the total dining experience.

So in your business plan you will need to describe the design of the facility, lighting, decor, color schemes and the theme, if any. You can obtain up-to-date industry averages by visiting the Web site of the National Restaurant Association at www. Where can you find information on writing an internal business plan for the expansion of an existing service business?

A Possibility I was going to say "Go to Google and enter business plan and see what choices you have. I see there is a plethora of sites suggested here and in Google that would like to sell you software including bplans. I would think I always think better of you you would be able to express your plan after seeing some free samples. Does a business need a business plan?

All business need to have a business plan, to help them manage their business. Without one businesses are essentially rudderless. Business planning has numerous benefits for businesses -incl. Helps Staff Focus on Key Objectives. Helps ensure all are 'on the same page'. Can be used to manage performance. Can be used to manage cashflow. Can be used as an early warning sign. Can be used to assess internal ideas In short business planning is an essential activity for all businesses.

What is business plan? You mayplease visit the business Plan forum at fhyzics. Why does business exist? We can give three main reasons: To give job opportunities. To provide good and services. Why do businesses exist? They also provide employment and without businesses we wouldn't have direct links to basic needs like groceries. Why does a business exist? A business simply exists to make the shareholders more wealthy. The people who own the company wether it is a rich tycoon, a single operator of a business or even the government.

The real question is what do share holders do with the retained profit, a tycoon may keep it for them selves, a single operator may give it to charity and the government very offen will re invest and serve the public as a non profit organisation. A business plan for starting a perfume business? Now you need to set up the business with a sum of money from somewhere. You need to be recognized that you have a good scent by some kind of connection.

In short you need find a different bussiness. How can i plan a business? The first step to planning a business is to do some research. Onceyou have thoroughly researched the type of business that you wantto start, you will have to come up with a business plan.

Thebusiness plan should include as much about your business aspossible, this includes where you will get financing, if you willhave partners, and even the name of your business. How do you do a business plan?

Small Business Administration, which covers the writing of a business plan clearly and in great detail. If you are looking for information about how to write a business plan you should include the following sections in a basic business plan and target your audience to tailor the business plan for the result you want to achieve.

What is a financial plan in business planning? A financial plan typically has a projected financial statement that is your balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. It typically states how much money you will make in the future, how much money will be coming in, how much will be going out, how much you owe to whom and how much you own. Besides these, it also states how much money you require to start or grow your business and for what purpose.

What is the business plan? A business plan is a business preparatory guide that defines theobjectives, mission, market, plan to penetrate the market, businessprocess and financial projections in terms of assets, revenue,profits, gains and losses. Many business experts consider a business plan essential toorganizing, managing, improving production and resultant profit. Agood business plan will take into consideration the resent advancesin social marketing technology and it's impact on the globalmarket.

Why business plan is essential for a business? WHy is a flight plan important to a pilot Exactly so that we know just where we are going with the business and dont grope around in the dark. A business is responsible to seven criticval stake holders without whom it would'nt even exist. If I am about to do something more complex such as cooking a meal for 18 people , which I cannot do "with my eyes closed" then I would prefer to get what I have to do 'straight' in my head before I start.

A business plan is a plan for the business as opposed to cooking a meal to make sure those running the business or thinking of investing in the business have things 'straight' too. Explain the role of a business plan in a business? The main reason of a business plan is here you can plan yourbusiness right. Business planning is a must when it comes torunning a business even if its big or small.

It is important tohave a business plan because here you can think the right name foryour business that fits you. Understanding yourmarket is the key to flourishing in any business, and when youincorporate this idea in your business plan, you will accomplishsuccess. Your business plan will help you watch the market in a whole newlight, which is what you really need when the going gets tough.

Your business plan will help your partners and your employees tounderstand the core objectives of your business and will keep themfocused on achieving the same. Checking the business plan from timeto time, and updating it regularly, will keep your organisationalobjectives in check. Also, on careful examination of the plan youmay see places for improvements and take action to rectify them forsmooth sailing. A business plan is a? How do you get tax exemption for a sole proprietorship business planning to shop on-line purchases?

If you buy items from out of state and do not pay sales tax, you must pay use tax to your home state. For individuals, this is impossible to track but for business, much easier. When you file your income taxes , you list all of your expenses on a Schedule C sole proprietorships and your capital purchases on a Then ramdonly, the department of revenue can audit you for compliance of sales and use taxes and that's when they nail you.

They have all your items that you purchased and they look at the big stuff first. They don't see use taxes paid then its liability plus penalty plus interest. If you are small enough, you may get away it, probably, most do. But you may always have it over your head because it could cosidered fraud and the statue of limitations is much longer then I simply forgot.

Where can you get business plan? If you want to write your own plan i would recommend Business Plan Pro from www. However, I must in all honesty say that those written using a software program, such as Business Plan Pro, are easily identified from those of much higher quality Just some of the shortcomings of Business Plan Pro include: Lack of in-depth background on the management team, 2. Pro formas are lacking in detail, especially the cash flow statement, 3.

Financial assumptions are often not easily located or are not even presented to the reviewer. When we review a business plan prepared by a software program, our review will take about 3 minutes whereas a business plan prepared with care and though will require upwards of 45 minutes to an hour.

Needless to say, the business plan prepared with a software program becomes filed in the round file. On a separate note: Drop me a note if you have any questions: Why might a business plan improve the possibility for success for not just a new business but also an existing business?

A business plan explains the purpose of your business. It clarifies what you're doing. Who will it serve?

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Dec 12,  · As you plan for the business you purchase, you start by making an important choice: business plans can be either for startup new businesses or for already-existing and ongoing business. When you buy a business from somebody else, either option is acceptable/5(4).

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Sometimes buying an existing business is the best option for a new business owner, but it can be a lot of work. Learn more about our business plans for buying businesses or purchasing a company. Consider these major points before making your decision. Perhaps the biggest advantage to buying over starting a business is the existing business's potential. You may see growth opportunities the current owner doesn't, or maybe you have a superior business plan.

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The creation of a formal business plan is an often overlooked step in the process of buying a business. Though the company you want to buy may already be up and running, establishing a well. Buy an existing business 1 Overview 2 Advantages and disadvantages of buying a business the costs involved in buying an existing business can be substantial and should not be underestimated. A business plan and marketing method should already be in place;.