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The Top Ten Search Engines for Students

Which Social Media Search Engines Do You Use?
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Major parts of the global web traffic include computers, networks, the Internet, WWW, browsers, search engines, and content. Local cultures and environments matter a lot when designing country-specific search engines. Within search engines, data is an important part of technology. When retrieving information from search engines, the need for large-scale data is imperative in global business. A new model for the firm is on its way; data constitute a vast new natural resource; our world has become pervasively instrumented and interconnected, with computation infused into things nobody would think of as a computer; … and powerful new computing systems can store and make sense of it nearly instantaneously.

In addition, South Korea had Naver and Daum. In the Czech Republic, Seznam is pretty popular. Sohu continues to be a dominant player in the Chinese market. Regardless of their types and forms, search engines in global business are highly differentiated based on their national languages, functions, country image, and usage. No wonder we witness a few search engines that dominate global business.

These pictures are live screenshots of the websites in your search results. You can zoom in on them by scrolling or sliding the zoom bar at the top of the page, or read the text summary for each on the left hand side of the screen. This lets you save the most relevant results as a page that you can share with others, pan, zoom, re-size, group or rearrange links as you feel makes most sense to you.

This is a great way to save search results for future use, and would be useful for ongoing projects. Used properly, this could easily be one of the best search engines for students to use at school, and a great asset for visual learners. Jeeves may be gone, but his legacy lives on. As well as being a useful and reliable safe search engine, Ask Kids also has a useful image and video search function that allows students to find school appropriate images or videos that may be useful to their information search.

The Schoolhouse section even has a list of educational websites that are a great resource for students and teachers. These can be sorted by category, or subject, and include some of the best educational websites for kids. The Ask Kids site is simple, but effective, and most of the time that is exactly what you need. It would be remiss of me not to include Google in a list of the top search engines for education, as it clearly has a lot to offer students and educators alike.

However, you may not know all that this popular search giant has to offer. The wonder wheel function, for instance, can be accessed from the side bar. Click one of the stems and you get a further set of search results that are more focused than your original return. As you do this, the search result summaries update on the right hand side of the screen to provide you with the updated results.

You should also check out the time line feature. Searching for a person, or historical event, the time line can sort your results chronologically. You can select individual decades, or years, to further hone the focus of your search.

The time line feature is accessed in the same way as the wonder wheel. Both are great features for education. It is based on a custom Google search engine. This means that safe search is a default setting, and that there are no adverts of any kind displayed alongside student search results.

The front page has some links to student friendly sites, while teachers can copy the HTML code to embed it as a search engine on their classroom websites. The Primary School ICT Safe Search website does not have many unique hooks or tricks, but it does what it sets out to do well, and is a great homepage for school computers.

Enter your search terms in the search box and press the search button. They can search all the most common networks, as well as lots of the niche, smaller ones. Here are six options for you to consider. Pipl offers a vast database of online accounts — almost three billion are accessible through its search algorithms. There are some other good alternative email services you can consider even though Google has the biggest share of the inbox. Read More , deep web archives such as court records, news reports, and publicly available government lists.

Read More into the search box. If you wish, you can also enter a location. Click on the magnifying glass icon to start the search. You can use the filters on the left-hand side of the screen to narrow the results by location and age.

Social Mention is both a social search engine and a way to aggregate user-generated content across a number of networks into a single feed. It can also scan blogs, bookmarks, and even comments. You can find out how frequently the page is mentioned, a list of associated keywords and hashtags, top users, and more.

The site has several advantages over a regular search query on Google. For example, many social networks are either not indexed by Google, or only have very limited indexing. Obviously, even after running a search Use Snitch. How do you know which networks they use?

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