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The predicate is whatever is stated in relationship to the subject. When teaching this to your child, a common method is to present her with sentence fragments to put together.

You do this by dividing a sentence by the section relating to the subject and the section relating to the predicate. For example, take the sentence, 'The girl walks to school.

Ensure that your child is familiar with interrogative words for asking questions, such as who , what , where , when , why and how. He will also need to learn about verbs, nouns and adjectives. Urge him to use an action word verb in his sentences as well as a 'person, place or thing' noun. This will help him learn about verbs and nouns.

Try making lists of adjectives with him to describe specific nouns. To help him avoid run-on sentences, have him read his sentences aloud. He may be naturally inclined to pause where a period should be, and then you can discuss what punctuation should go in that part of the sentence. One of the main ways that sentence structure is learned is through reading. A deeper understanding of sentence structure can be gained over time by seeing simple sentences laid out on the page, learning how to mentally attach the words to images and saying the words out loud.

In addition to this, kids learn about sentences by understanding what kind of words there are and how they relate to one another. There are numerous games and activities available online that you and your child may find useful. Some are available for free while others need to be purchased. Some of these address every aspect of forming a sentence.

For example, there are games that challenge kids to differentiate between fragments and complete sentences. There are also activities that teach about everything from capitalization and punctuation to creating silly sentences. Writing is a skill that is used in all academic coursework as well as through a person's professional and personal life. Read on to learn how you can help teach your children how to write well. Cheating has come a long way since students used to write answers in ink on their hands or create 'cheat sheets' that they could slip out of their pockets during a test.

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This is a simple case of swapping the first two words and replacing the question mark with a full stop. You should finish your homework by tomorrow. Change this statement to a command. Should you finish your homework by tomorrow.

Finish your homework by tomorrow. Is your homework going to be finished by tomorrow. You could finish your homework by tomorrow.

Commands tend to sound 'hard' and 'harsh'. Make this question into a command. Come to the party. Please, could you come to the party? I want you to come to the party! You won't come to the party. Commands usually use imperative bossy verbs, such as 'come'. Is the weekend over already? Change this question to a statement. The weekend isn't already over, is it.

Is the weekend over already. The weekend is over already. Is the weekend already over. The three incorrect answers are still questions, despite having no question mark at the end. Which of the following is NOT a command? Close the curtains and turn on the lights.

See what films are on at the cinema. You might want to rest now. Which one of the following is NOT a statement? I am extremely thirsty. Wait there while I go and take a look. The sky is clouding over. You are probably tired after your long day. Take the dog for a walk. How would you turn this command into a question? Could you take the dog for a walk? Would you take the dog for a walk? Will you take the dog for a walk?

All of the above. Using verbs such as 'could', 'would' and 'will' make questions sound more polite than commands! This statement would be an appropriate response to which of the following questions?

Why is grass green? Why does grass have a colour?

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Statement, question or command are all sentence structures. Sentences can be used in so many different ways: to state facts, to make observations, to ask questions or even to order other people to do things! Most command sentences begin with a verb, and the “you” is understood. So basically, any sentence that begins with a verb is a command: “Stay here.” “Be quiet” “Love me” “Sing louder” “Pray constantly.” Imagine these sentences without the beginnin.

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Command or Exclamation A sentence that tells you to do something is a COMMAND. In a command sentence, the subject is always you, but it is not stated. An example of a command sentence: Go take a bath. One of the types of sentences we use the most in the English language is the declarative sentence. Declarative sentences, also known as statements, present a fact, an opinion, or a piece of information.