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❶Tried three different accounts via three different family members, and for every one of them the email to call back and "verify" information came back! Told me I had to wait and never came back to the register.

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It is without a doubt the most bizarre customer service experience I have ever experienced. But I would not expect them to stoop this low to make a frequent customer this dissatisfied. I live about 3 miles from a Bloomingdale's and I will never shop there again and will recite my story to whoever will listen. This is all on top of another gift that I received from Bloomingdale's.

In that order the gift cheeseboard arrived broken in half. It was not in its original box. But rather a makeshift carton with no stuffing and a shipping label to a person that I never heard of. This company appears to be in total disarray and has no procedure in place to get problems like mine resolved. I bought a Burberry purse, and I asked for another one because the pictures were different from the real thing on the Internet.

While communicating with them, the first customer service said that I couldn't find my order number and had a bad attitude. Then I called another customer service and he said he could send me a new one.

When I got the new findings exactly the same as the original one, then I called and asked for a refund. This customer service unexpectedly let me only return to the store inside, he does not give me label. I said I could pay the postage myself and let him tell me the return address. He still turned me down. Only way to return it is to return directly to store.

I do not have this shop in this city, I am very very helpless. Finally, I had to send my friend from California to give me a refund!! This is one of the most spammy sites. I don't want to see this site and the mall anymore. We were approached before we had selected our items by a sales associate, Nancy, who later blew us off once she saw we had our items and she would get no commission or recognition for helping.

Once we were at the register after we flagged her a second time, she claimed that the credit card was denied after the reader malfunctioned. We requested a supervisor as she said we "must have gone over our limit. As the manager came over it was clear he was making mocking gestures of us swiping the card wrong and laughing.

He swiped the card once, typed in the numbers and said "The credit card company clearly won't authorize your purchase, sorry. We waited in line a second time as we checked to see if we got a message from the credit card company we did not and used the card before and after this transaction and then paid with another card. When we finally got to the front and asked if we could pay with another method, Nancy said nothing to us.

She grabbed our items which were still at the register and bagged, scanned them again, and then rushed us out of line again without a word. These people are uppity, have no interest, and will make excuses to get you out of the way for a bigger better deal. This is the 3rd and last time I have had a less than satisfactory experience with Bloomingdale's online shopping.

I have no issues anywhere else - any site - no problems. Magically, my account suddenly didn't exist so when I went to check out - it said the email was never associated with Bloomingdale's - WHAT??? I have ordered numerous times two other times there were issues with the order in the last 3 years. I called customer service and was sent on a two hour nightmare of being switched to different representatives, all of whom had no answer and just kept sending me off to someone else - two times, they just hung up.

I guess they really don't want the business and that's fine with me. I will never shop at Bloomingdales, whether in store or online. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. On 4th March, the last day of B money season, I went to Newport Beach Bloomingdale's and bought four Burberry classic scarves as gifts.

Actually they have none in the stock, but the Bloomingdale's salesgirl really wanted the deals, she acted so nicely and helped us for hours. And we are intrigued by the B money things. At last, she helped us order at her counter's computer two Burberry classic scarves, that they would be delivered to Newport Beach Bloomingdale's by my name. She promised that she would call me as soon as she received them and helped me wrapped in gift boxes. And she checked the stock saying that Century City Bloomingdale's may have several in stock, so we bought two other styles in their store and went to LA for later exchange.

We did everything what she said! And we received four B money cards that day. Then the damned bad stories came afterward, until now I could not believe it, it is what an American famous chain shopping stores would do to their customers! As we lived in the South Orange County. We planned a drive on the 8th March to Century City Bloomingdale's for two exchange, but after driving maybe 4 hours back and forth.

Century City just told us that they didn't have any Burberry classic scarves in stock. They didn't know why NB Bloomingdale's found the stock. The manager there said that he could only help us order 2 online and sent to our home.

And promised that he would send me dollars B money cards by mail later. But it turned out he didn't keep his promise, what I had got is dollars. And he sent me super late. Then, the climax came. Another two shipment should be sent to Newport Beach Bloomingdale's.

I waited almost one or two weeks that the salesgirl would call me. At last, I had no choice but call the Bloomingdale's by myself. Another salesperson answered the phone, he told me that they could not send customers' online orders to the stores. It is totally against their rules!!! Because if they don't have the staff by my name, they will just reject the delivery.

He told me that he didn't see any package with my name. At that time, I got freak out. But the salesgirl just did this on my case!!! And I need to send gifts to friends. So I rushed to the Newport Beach Bloomingdale's, and asked everywhere, what's happened to my two Burberry scarves. Okay, the weirdest thing is, they gave me one, and said another one was rejected by somebody in the store.

The most interesting part: None of them is workable. There are no B money in them. And Tory Burch salesperson told me maybe I should wait sometime and they would be activated. And I never would forget that day. As it was the first time in my life I witnessed a robbery at store, and I was just a meter away at the Tory Burch.

I saw the burglars running behind my back. Nobody came to console the customers, salesperson said that happens quite common in Costa Mesa Bloomingdale's.

I was so so so frightened that day, I paid everything in credit card and went directly home. One salesperson at La Prairie just interrogated me with a so so so awful attitude, she said nobody would help me out in the store. And she said that it was my fault. But Bloomingdale's was the problem maker at first, right? She promised that she would try her best and reported to her GM, and gave us back feedback on 22th April. But we waited, she didn't call.

Then we called her back. We left several voice messages with our phone number for several times. We figured out that we could call the reception table and transferred to her desk.

We finally reached her maybe after one week! She just told us that her GM wasn't there, she need more time to report. Now, it's already been weeks!!! Arika got the lamest excuse!!! If you cannot solve the problem, say it!!! First, I think that Bloomingdale's should do training all their staff. Second, Bloomingdale's should have a department called "customer service", the real customer service. Third, Bloomingdale's should not issue fake B money cards to their customers.

I feel that I am the lucky one, this was my first time shopping with Bloomingdale's, and I found that it sucks way out of the world. I liked buying good many stuff. But Bloomingdale's will never be my choice, ever! For their poor customer service, bad salesperson's attitude, issuing fake B money cards to customers.

I have been a faithful customer primarily in their Miami The Falls store since the 's. I particularly have purchased many types of fine jewellery, consistently and giving the David Yurman collection much preference. For the first time ever I visited the Yurman display today in regards to problem because one of my wife's necklace clasp became loose. This is not the first time I have had a problem with their claps.

I have a man's gold bracelet sitting in a drawer somewhere with the same problem. The lady at the Yurman display at the Falls Bloomingdales refused to accept the item because she "could not match it" to any of the dozens of purchases that appeared on her screen under my wife's loyalist number.

She did find some purchases of necklaces but said she was "not sure" if that necklace belong to any of them. She said that the pendant on that necklace did not go together. Of course, people switch pendants on necklaces, and by the way it is a David Yurman pendant. No wonder all these retail stores are going out of business.

My Wife and I had a Sisley product to return, unopened and un-used. She used the sample and did not work for her. The clerk Steve at the counter told us that he had to look for the cosmetic manager and left us at the counter for a long time.

We had a bad experience with Steve at another counter long time ago and as soon as he saw us at the counter, he stopped helping his customer and told us he could not take anything back since we had some returns in the past.

His rude behavior shocked me since I did not even say anything yet. There are no rules on the receipt or sign posted on the wall to confirm that. Finally the shift manager and floor manager showed up and told us we had to return the item to the original store where we purchased. The shift manager told us that the other store's Sisley counter South Coast Plaza was leased and their Sisley in Fashion Island was not leased so we had to take it back. That logic was not acceptable to us, but she took the product back.

After we walked out, I called the original store South Coast Plaza , Sisley counter and asked them if they were leasing the counter and she said negative. So we were lied to and treated like a 2nd degree citizen because some of the employees at your store in Fashion Island handle things at their own discretion. I think Bloomingdale's needs to spend more time training the new employees, or they choose to hear more bad reviews.

My Thai girlfriend made an account and tried to purchase a purse online to try and take advantage of some deals! She filled out her order just like you would any order online, filling out her name, billing address, shipping address, and she submitted the order. She got an email saying her order was cancelled because they need to "verify" information. She could not get help because customer support likes to pick on perceived "weak" people, like those who don't speak English natively.

Even though it was her first time signing up for an account and we provided her phone number and her other only phone number she's ever had which logically would not have been on the account, but we tried it. That was not enough though! They said that the phone number does not match, but that it also might be a name or address issue. The phone number on her order matched perfectly with her active number!!! What a joke of an online profile, joke of a policy where they "verify" your information using some "secretly" 3rd-party that they can't ever tell you about.

It might also be related to the name on the account or the address. What kind of company does a "verification check" on you using some secret system they can't tell you about? That's more secretive than the credit scoring system! I guess they just hate doing business with Thai people. Well you lost our business forever. One of the worst customer service companies in the world.

I will never shop here again and I am a top customer. The sales associates and managers are incompetent and demeaning. Not customer-service oriented whatsoever.

I have reached out to store manager several times and still have not received a response. I buy Gucci, Tom Ford and other brands, but never again. I will take my business to Barneys, Saks and Neiman Marcus. I purchase a burgundy dress online on the Bloomingdale's website for a wedding. I was given a tracking number and I received the dress on time. The only problem I had was the dress was a bit overpriced but overall it was a nice experience for me personally. I bought a necklace from the online store on December 8th Not only did they send me the wrong item, it is now January 22nd and I have yet to be refunded my money.

I have contacted customer support 4 times and each time they gave me the runaround. At this point I am very doubtful that I will ever see that money again. I will never buy anything from here ever again. I don't even waste my time writing complaints about companies but this is driving me up the wall. What kind of business is this where they let you go a month and a half without compensation? I placed an order and realized I forgot to apply promo code.

As you can see in the fourth paragraph from their instructions, I could just call and make changes on the phone. Therefore, I called but the lady on the other side insist she cannot do anything except for the "price match". If Bloomingdale's cannot do what they promised, they deserve at least a bad comment. I placed the item in my cart, began the checkout process, etc.

The next day, I went into the site, and the item was available USPS didn't attempt delivery or leave a notice but stated they did and that it won't go out again for delivery until after the holiday.

However, they left me a voicemail stating they have two packages with the same barcode and address and that if postage covers both they will both be delivered otherwise one will likely be sent back. Bloomingdale's customer service rep assures me only one package was sent and I don't have to pay USPS anymore for shipping although USPS's email stated a payment was due.

I spoke with the most condescending rep via chat who told me to check the tracking as if I didn't do that first thing before hopping online to chat!

She didn't actually read what I wrote and completely blew off multiple very specific questions I asked. I had to call to finally get some real answers only for the girl to put me on hold while she called USPS because she said she would verify with them what was going on. After waiting 30 minutes, I was transferred to USPS to the automated service to check the tracking status!

I didn't ask to be transferred as I had already received a voicemail from USPS and was asking Bloomingdale's why two packages were sent and whether they could find out more from USPS for me as I wasn't getting anywhere with it. Well, USPS is indicating something very different than what Bloomingdale's is telling me and I'm so confused and frustrated with the quality of service I've received from Bloomingdale's.

The online chat rep insisted multiple times that they left a delivery notice, I assured her that I double checked and they didn't and that I watched the USPS mail woman drop our mail in the tiny box and not try and deliver the package to our door. Our mailbox doesn't fit packages ever, they always deliver to the door. I could not believe that this rep was telling me they tried to deliver when I was the one at home watching them not try and deliver!

She kept telling me to check the tracking as if I hadn't already done that; even though I told her the tracking email update said a payment was due, indicating I had checked the tracking!

USPS insists they have two packages and I either need to pay for one or it will be sent back but I only purchased one item. I don't know which package is the correct package or if Bloomingdale's sent multiple packages with identical items.

Bloomingdale's reps insist one package was sent but I'd like to think USPS can tell whether they have two packages with the same address and barcode in their possession given the technology they use to track that stuff. After I get my order, and assuming I receive it all, I'm absolutely done shopping at Bloomingdale's.

I don't need to be talked down to by a computer customer service rep, waste an hour talking to one rep only to be transferred when I didn't ask to be and then told by another that I just have to wait til Tuesday and that I for sure won't have to pay USPS anything more than what I originally paid Bloomingdale's.

For being a Loyalist they sure don't treat you respectfully nor do they offer shipping methods that can easily be understood. I've never heard of UPS mail innovations and given my experience with it today, I won't be using it again. I've never been talked to this way or had this confusion with shipping at Nordstrom's, Neiman Marcus or even Nordstrom Rack!

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